Level: Internship
Software Engineering Intern

As a software engineer intern at Savour!, you will play an active role in bringing value-added technical solutions. You will gain first-hand experience and seek innovative ways to include automation in processes while optimizing the platform and enhancing the user experience. You will have the opportunity to work alongside the CTO directly to gain valuable insights on how to build a scalable and high-performance software platform and have opportunities to suggest and implement new initiatives.

Level: Internship
Marketing and Communications Intern

As a growing youth-led tech social enterprise, we are committed to an employee-orientated, high-performance culture that emphasizes empowerment, quality, continuous improvement, and on-going development of the company. You will get to work directly with the CMO and implement suggestions for improvement and ideas.

Level: Internship
Business Development and Operations Intern

As a business development and operations intern at Savour!, you will gain first-hand experience working on Savour!’s first-of-a-kind platform and with its partners to ensure the smooth running of operations. You will also have the opportunity to work alongside a team of student social entrepreneurs to gain invaluable insights on how a tech-for-good company works. This is a highly rewarding role as your contributions will directly impact many of our internal and external stakeholders.