Why Use Savour! As An Individual Consumer? Support Local And A Good Cause | Exclusive Sale Promotions | Wide Product Variety

Want to score some good deals for food, gifts, supplies and rental services for yourself and your loved ones? 🤗

Want to support social enterprises and SMEs as well as get products that are environmentally sustainable and empower those in need?

Want to do a part to reduce food waste by getting ahold of still perfectly edible food at clearance discounts?

If you are part of any organisation or member of the general public (B2C customers), you can now sign up for free at https://app.savourapp.co to start browsing and place orders for a wide variety of products ranging from regular, expiring, blemished and surplus F&B, gifts, supplies to rental services that are available at exclusive discounted rates.

Once you have signed up for an account on our web platform and start placing orders and sponsorships, you can redeem orders and sponsorships by downloading our mobile app:

If you have any questions, you can refer to the website FAQ here: https://www.savourapp.co/documents/client-faq.

You can refer to this short platform walkthrough video playlist below, which will guide you on how to navigate and use the platform to place and redeem orders: