The Ultimate List Of Summarised F&B Promotions, Resources, And Charity Initiatives During Circuit Breaker

Feeling overwhelmed by the large amount of information about F&B promotions, resources and charity initiatives coming in every day on your social media feeds?

Team at Savour! have researched, compiled and summarised the latest essential information going around social media relating to the key F&B topics happening during the circuit breaker period.

These include F&B businesses offering free meals for those in need; one-stop resources to support local F&B businesses; tips and tricks to make and eat food without leaving your home; and doing good by donating your food and money to charity initiatives.

Hence, our team saw the need to come up with a solution to help both merchants and B2B customers through creating a platform that is able to tackle all of the above problems faced by both sides to make the procurement process between merchants and B2B customers more effective and efficient.

We will be updating new information in this article regularly. We welcome community contributions so if you have any relevant information to share with us, please fill up a short Google form in the link HERE then we will review and add your update into this article accordingly.


Alternative Platforms/tools to get groceries/meals from

  1. GoodHood.SG app
  • About: registered, verified neighbours offering help, ranging from buying groceries to offering cooked meals to those in need
  • Download the app now on Android and IOS
  1. Where Got Slot
  • About: A website that helps you check the availability of delivery slots with online groceries delivery providers. Simply enter your postal code and you’ll get a live update of the providers who have available delivery slots for your location.
  • Visit website now
  1. Hawkers United - Dabao 2020 
  1. Singapore Restaurant Rescue
  • About: A Facebook group with 65k members who are interested to order food delivery from independent and small group restaurants and doing independent delivery (not only delivery platforms).
  • Post your offers in the Facebook Group now
  1. ChewApp
  • About: A collaborative marketplace which helps to connect people who want to buy food (Kee Chew) with people who are nearby (Soon Chew) to help deliver for them.
  • Visit their website now
  1. BookFood
  • About: Delivery platform where you pay the original menu price with 0% markup. Delivery fee is based on distance where 100% of it will go to delivery-partners.
  • Fill in Google Form to order
  1. Guoco Tower Food Delivery 
  • About: Get free islandwide delivery from F&B merchants at Guoco Tower within two hours with a min. spend of $50. Can place multiple items from up to 3 merchants in a single order. The minimum order to deliver is $30. A delivery fee of $5 will be applied to orders below $50. Only available on Mon-Fri, 10am to 5pm. Last order to be made by 5pm.
  • Order now from their website 
  1. The Smart Local - Support F&B Owners Food Directory 
  • About: A directory featuring 270+ F&B owners, especially hawkers not on any food delivery apps, where you can order directly from these owners by calling/whatsapping them on the number listed there. Can sort listings by location and see what dishes the restaurant recommends. Zero commission and most accept PayLah / PayNow. More features like type of cuisine and halal certification will be added soon.
  • Order from the website now 
  1. B. Halal
  • About: A new online bazaar mobile app providing a channel for Muslim consumers to buy their Ramadan and Hari Raya goods that lists Hari Raya-centric businesses. Free for any business to join and will also feature a live-streamed variety show streamed twice a week that is hosted by top celebrities that businesses can pay to be featured on.
  • Download app now
  1. GeylangBazaar.Online
  • About: An e-commerce platform that offers delivery of goods such as food and 3 other categories from vendors who have signed on with PA to customers.
  • Visit website to buy now
  1. Halal Food Delivery Singapore 
  • About: A Facebook group with 41,000 members. Interested F&B owners that sell halal-certified food and fans of halal cuisines can request to join the group to order halal food delivery.
  • Join Facebook Group now
  1. [NEW] HawkerFoodDelivery
  • About: An online food delivery platform offering islandwide delivery of hawker food from 300 stalls from 12 hawker centres to condominium households in Districts 11, 21, 10 and 19 in Phase 1 for lunch (12:30 – 2:30 PM) and dinner (6 – 8 PM) on weekends. Can do same-day delivery or pre-order up to one week before.
  • Order on website now
  1. [NEW] @rmdsg - Telegram Channel
  • About: A Telegram channel notifying you when Redmart or Fairprice delivery slots are available but need to order as soon as you spot your neighbourhood since slots can fill up within minutes.
  • Subscribe now
  1. [NEW] @sg_delivery_slots_bot - Telegram Bot
  • About: A Telegram Bot that alerts you when slots open up for your postal code. It covers Fairprice, Cold Storage, Giant, and Sheng Shiong. Can hit the “pause” function after completing order.
  • Try bot now
  1. [NEW] @SGLocalShops_Bot - Telegram Bot 
  • About: A Telegram Bot that shows you nearby food outlets so that you can order from them directly.
  • Go to bot now
  1. [NEW] Google Pay App - New menu discovery feature
  • About: Order from over 250 Singapore Food Establishments via the app. Consumers can browse menus, select items, and contact the food establishment to place their order for pick-up or delivery and pay on the app via Google Pay/Paynow or call or WhatsApp the merchant.
  • Download app now 
  1. [NEW] FoodLeh?
  • About: A crowd-sourced website that currently has 60 listings and allows people to search for food stalls near them by typing a postal code, quickly showing users the stalls' addresses and the numbers to call to place orders.
  • Visit website now 
  1. [NEW] @kiasu_bot - Telegram Bot 
  • About: A Telegram bot that will alert you to food promos for medical frontliners and healthcare staff as well as student deals, food delivery deals and promo codes.
  • Try Telegram bot now

One-stop resources to support local F&B businesses

  1. Hawkers United — Dabao 2020
  1. Miss Tam Chiak — #savefnbsg
  • About: Compiled list from Hawkers United — Dabao 2020
  • View now
  1. The Smart Local — 33 New Food Delivery Options
  • About: Article listing cafes, bakeries, restaurants, desserts, fusion restaurants, western restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Peranakan restaurants, local restaurants & bistros, wholesalers, and hawker stalls that offer Free Delivery & up to 30% Discounts
  • Read more here
  1. Ladyironchef — All the online grocery shopping websites
  • About: Image featuring names and website links to online groceries, online places to get fresh produce, premium and specialised groceries, and halal groceries
  • Save the image from here
  1. Ladyironchef — 11 online halal grocery shopping websites
  1. Mothership — 14 F&B businesses not on food delivery apps but offering home delivery
  • About: Article on restaurant and eateries with F&B business name, food offerings, delivery details, special promotions, and steps to order and pay
  • Read the article further here
  1. Moneydigest — 46 Food Delivery and Takeaway Options
  • About: Consolidated list of deliveries and takeaways of F&B businesses that range from bread and pastries to mains to drinks with product offerings, special promotions, website link and delivery/takeaway details
  • Bookmark this now
  1. Her World — 10 Alternative Online Grocers To Shop For Fresh Produce
  • About: Article featuring F&B businesses selling fresh seafood, organic produce, halal groceries, premium groceries, as well as stating delivery details, product offerings, and order link
  • Read on here
  1. The Smart Local — 23 Food Apps and Delivery Promos in April 2020
  • About: Subscription plan details, vouchers from eCommerce websites, credit card promotions and individual delivery promo codes that are manually/automatically applied for fast food, restaurant food, hawker food, alcohol, from Grabfood, Deliveroo, Food Panda and WhyQ
  • Save the deal now
  1. SG Code — All the latest SG April Food Delivery Promo Codes
  • About: Featuring promo codes from Pizza Hut, Mcdonald, The Sheperd Pie, Grabfood, Deliveroo, Foodpanda, Shopback, and WhyQ
  • Save the image here
  1. Youth.SG — 7 halal stalls offering islandwide delivery
  • About: Details on product offerings, discounts and ordering process from Broti, Satay Ummi, Alkatira, Markozar, Beef Bro, Burgs by Project Warung and Hjh Maimunah Restaurant
  • Read on here
  • About: Interactive website featuring food delivery promo codes from major and smallplayers, promos from grocery shops, list of all the merchants offering fresh produce,groceries, halal groceries and premium/specialised groceries, charity initiatives totreat someone to a free meal, and many more
  • Head over to their website now
  1. Makansutra Gluttons Bay at Esplanade
  • About: Offering delivery options for both set menus and ala carte dishes from Gluttons Bay hawkers. Order anything from any stall and pay only one delivery fee. Message 8615 8420 to place an order.
  • Check out menu on Facebook Post
  1. [NEW] Mothership - MS x Homegrown Eateries

Do good by donating your food and money to charity initiatives

  1. Food For Community — Cash donations
  • About: aims to raise S$14,800 to provide cooked meals to struggling families during this Circuit Breaker period. With the donations collected, hopes to provide 2 meals daily to those in need during the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period from 7 April to 4 May 2020.
  • Donate on their website here
  1. Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home (Lee Ah Mooi Caring Fund) — Cash donations
  • About: Require $300k for funding to offset patients’ nursing fees and expenses, assist affected staff’s daily living expenses, and pay for extra services and additional medical supplies
  • Donate to them here
  1. The Food Bank — Feed The City (Take-away Edition) programme — Cash donations
  • About: Targeting to deliver 50,000 meals to needy families, requires more donors to pay for the meals and F&B partners to provide cooked meals at special rates.
  • Donate directly now here

4.Free Food For All — Cash donations

  • About: Number of households who applied for aid has increased to about 1,200 per month, a number beyond the 900 households its current resources can help so require more funding to deliver meals to all the households.
  • Drop an email to donate now
  1. GoodHood.SG app — Food donations
  • About: registered, verified neighbours offering help, ranging from buying groceries to offering cooked meals to those in need
  • Download the app now on Androidand IOS
  1. Belanja Eat — Cash donations
  • About: Select one of the stalls in their website map to find the Belanja Eat poster. Pass the money directly to the stall holder then draw a circle on the poster.
  • Belanja now
  1. Children’s wishing well (Groceries For All #SGUnited) — Cash donations
  • About: Give funding to buy groceries to feed vulnerable children and their families who lost their part-time or temporary jobs. Donate a minimum of $10 and in cash amounts of $10, $60, $120 and $220 or any cash amount.
  • Donate now
  1. SSVP (Our Babies Need Milk & Diapers) — Cash donations
  • About: Need to raise $240k to help the Society of St Vincent de Paul provide milk and diapers to children in less-privileged households. Donate a minimum of $10 and in cash amounts of $10, $60, $120 and $220 or any cash amount.
  • Donate here
  1. YWCA (YWCA Sustenance for Families Community Service Programme) — Cash donations
  • About: Need to raise $200k to donate milk powder and diapers to needy families. You can donate $10, $50, $100, $200 or any amounts.
  • Donate today
  1. Family Life Society — Cash donations
  • About: Need to raise $63k to donate diapers, milk powder and baby necessities to support girls and women with unplanned pregnancies. You can donate $10, $50, $100, $200 or any amounts.
  • Fund it now
  1. M.Y Manna — Food donations
  • About: Donate basic grocery items from the 40 items listed in the list below for the less privileged.
  • View the list here
  1. OK Chicken Rice — Cash donations
  • About: Pay it forward by contributing $4 per meal (any amount is welcome) via Paynow such that those in need can get free chicken rice daily. Whatsapp Daniel at 90267051 if interested to donate.
  • More details here
  1. TOUCH community services (Emergency Relief Fund) — cash donations
  • About: Need to raise S$850,000 so you can donate S$300 to help a low-income family buy basic groceries, necessities, pay for utilities and medical needs for a month. Donate in cash amounts of $50, $200, $300 or any cash amount.
  • Donate to the cause now
  1. Blossom seeds Limited — cash donations
  • About: Need to raise S$100,000 to provide vulnerable seniors who are staying on their own with meals and groceries during the circuit breaker period. Donate in cash amounts of $100, $200, $300, $500 or any cash amount.
  • Donate now
  1. SHINE children and youth services (Covid-19 resource fund) — cash donations
  • About: Need to raise S$90,000 to provide meals and grocery vouchers to children and youth during the HBL period, especially those who relied on schools for meals before April 8. Donate a minimum of $10 and in cash amounts of $10, $60, $120 and $220 or any cash amount.
  • Donate here
  1. Club Rainbow — cash donations
  • About: Need to raise S$40,000 to provide groceries to the families of chronically or potentially terminally ill children. You can donate $80 or $160 or any cash amount.
  • Help out by donating now
  1. Hope Initiative Alliance - cash donations
  1. Tiger Beer - Support our local F&B 
  • About: Every $10 donation will go directly to your local F&B outlet. In return,Tiger Beer will give you 2x Tiger FREE at participating outlets when it reopens.
  • Support by donating now
  1. ChopeAndSave
  • About: A website saving F&B and many other businesses by listing gift cards topurchase to use after the circuit breaker measures are lifted 
  • Buy a gift card now
  1. Dover Park Hospice
  • About: Require cash donations. Aim to raise $50,000 to subsidise patient's fee and support additional expenditure of medical supplies used mostly on protecting our staff and patients from COVID-19.
  • Donate cash now
  • About: An online portal where community partners create accounts to upload their Ramadan projects, such as donation drives and distribution of necessities to their needy beneficiaries.
  • Visit website now
  1. [New] #umbrellainitiativesg - cash and food donations
  • About: A Singaporean Student (@@r.syaz1) Delivers around 50 Pre-Dawn Meals To Needy & Healthcare Workers During Ramadan. Those who wish to contribute funds or help to cook meals can check out the #UmbrellaInitiativeSG tag on Instagram and paynow to his number. 
  • Contribute now
  1. [NEW] Ray of hope - Buy a meal for needy elderly living in rental estates
  • About: A campaign requiring $348,000 worth of funding to buy 850 needy old folks staying in rental flats with 3 meals a day costing $3 per meal until the end of circuit breaker 
  • Sponsor a meal for $3 now
  1. [NEW] Project Belanja - DBS Edition
  • About: DBS is matching funds raised dollar for dollar, up to $250,000 to pledge 100,000 meals for migrant workers via ItsRainingRaincoats.
  • Donate now 
  1. [NEW] Collective of Migrant Efforts - #HOMEFORALL Migrants
  • About: Targeting to raise $800,000 to help migrant workers tide through the circuit breaker by providing emergency food supplies. Can chip in any amount from $10(can cover a warm meal, hygiene and internet connectivity) to $40 (can provide a worker 2 meals a day, for 10 days).
  • Donate now
  1. [NEW] AMP Donate Your Lunch Money Campaign - cash donations
  • About: Raising $20,000 to provide 170 families in need with $120 worth of groceries each to help them during Ramadan. Can donate $120 or $240 or any amount. 
  • Donate now
  1. [NEW] Food From The Heart - cash donations
  • About: A charity organisation that gives out community food packs and school packs for the needy during circuit breaker. Can donate $30 or $50 or any amount. 
  • Donate now
  1. [NEW] Project Stable Staples - cash donations
  • About: Raising $100k to distribute $5 NTUC grocery vouchers weekly to each individual in affected families staying in rental flats, for 3 months and possibly beyond.
  • Donate now

Interesting Tips and tricks to make your own food without leaving home

  1. The Smart Local — 8 Supermarket Vegetables You Can Plant & Grow At Home
  • About: Article listing instructions on what you need, the time needed, and steps to grow and harvest
  • Learn more here
  1. Ladyironchef — Dalgona Coffee recipe
  • About: Recipe with 3 steps, step 1: adding ingredients into bowl, step 2: mix with a whisk and step 3: Add everything to cup
  • Whip it up now
  1. KLFOODIE — Milo lava cake recipe
  • About: Baking video with step-by-step instructions and 6 ingredients needed
  • Make it now
  1. Leslie Koh — Matcha Rice Cooker Cake recipe
  • About: Album of photos detailing 15 simple steps and just 4 ingredients needed
  • Bake it now
  1. Eatbook — Coconut Sweet Potato Ice Cream Recipe
  • About: 5 ingredients needed to D-I-Y ice cream with no special equipment and made in 5 hours to serve 6
  • Make it now
  1. Singapore Foodie — Coffee-Flavoured Rotiboy Buns Recipe
  • About: 6 ingredients for the bun and 5 ingredients for the topping with 6 simples steps to be made in 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Satisfy your cravings here
  1. Mashable SEA — Rainbow Milk Pudding Recipe
  1. Eatbook — White Rabbit Milkshake
  • About: 4 ingredients with white rabbit, vanilla ice cream, evaporated and fresh milk. 20 minutes cooking time. Yields 1 tall glass.
  • Prepare it now
  1. Singapore Foodie - Burnt Cheesecake Recipe
  • About: Use an air fryer and blender with 5 ingredients (cream cheese, caster sugar,eggs, wheat flour and whipped cream) to make in 4 steps and baked for 25 minutes
  • Make it now
  1. OnHand Agrarian
  • About: The urban farm will deliver Malaccan longans to its customers. If you getMalaccan longans in your delivery tomorrow, eat them, enjoy them, then wash and plantthe seeds within 24 hours. When the seeds grow into 30cm tall saplings, OnHand Agrarianwill buy them back for S$10 each. If they are more than a metre tall, the company willpay S$30 for it.
  • Buy somelongans now
  1. Eatbook - 5 Bubble Tea Recipes
  • About: First recipe is brown sugar pearls, which requires 2 ingredients, 4 steps, yields 3 glasses and requires 60 minutes cooking time. Second recipe is normal sugar pearls, which require 4 ingredients, 5 steps, yields 6 glasses and requires 30 minutes cooking time. Third recipe is iced yakult green tea, which requires 4 ingredients, 3 steps, yields 1 glass and requires 3 minutes cooking time. Fourth recipe is iced oolong milk tea with pearls, which requires 5 ingredients, 3 steps, yields 1 glass and 3 minutes cooking time. Fifth recipe is iced brown sugar fresh milk with pearls, which requires 5 ingredients, 6 steps, yields 3 glasses and requires 60 minute cooking time.
  • View recipes on the website
  1. [NEW] Tampines 1 - Homemade rose pearls recipe
  1. [NEW] Eatbook - Rice Cooker Mentaiko Mac And Cheese recipe
  • About: 5-Step One-Pot Pasta that requires 11 ingredients (garlic, shallots, butter, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, pasta, milk, mentaiko sauce, tobiko, salt, and pepper) that yields 2 and needs 45 minutes to cook.
  • Make it now
  1. [NEW] Starbucks SG - 1-Minute Coffee Mug Cake recipe
  • About: 10 ingredients needed (flour, cocoa powder, caster sugar, baking powder, melted butter, egg, milk, instant coffee powder, salt and icing sugar) then microwave for 1 minute
  • Bake it now
  1. [NEW] IKEA - IKEA meatballs and cream sauce recipe 
  • About: 9 ingredients needed (minced beef, minced pork, onion, garlic, breadcrumbs, egg, milk, salt and pepper) for meatballs and 8 ingredients needed for cream sauce (oil, butter, flour, vegetable stock, beef stock, thick double cream, soy sauce and dijon mustard). Total preparation time is 3 hours 20 minutes and yields 40 to feed 5 to 6 pax.
  • Save the recipe now
  1. [NEW] Ladyironchef - strawberry jelly hearts cheesecake recipe
  • About: 9 ingredients needed (digestive biscuits, butter, cream cheese, gelatin powder, icing sugar, water, vanilla essence, strawberries, and Raspberry-flavoured Tortally) with 9 steps.
  • Make it now 
  1. [NEW] Penang Foodie - No bake oreo crepe cake recipe
  • About: 9 ingredients needed (eggs, milk, cake flour, sugar, cocoa powder, butter, whipping cream, salt, and crushed oreo) with 8 steps. 
  • Bake it now

Free meals for those in need

  1. Barbary Coast
  1. Beng Who Cooks — Beng Who Cares Foundation
  • About: Those in need can place their order a day in advance with @bengwhocaresfoundation on Instagram before 7pm. The meals can be picked up at the stall, or be delivered between 12–1.30pm. Not looking for monetary donations but help them by spreading the word to those who can benefit.
  • Order now on their Instagram
  1. Curry Rice Stall at Timbre+
  • About: Anyone who can’t afford a meal, no explanation needed, just tell the staff, ‘spare a meal’ to get a free meal.
  • Address: timbre+, 73A Ayer Rajah Crescent, stall no 26, 139957
  • Operating hours: Mon to Fri, 9am to 3pm
  • Refer to Facebook post here
  1. 496 Coffeeshop in Jurong West
  • About: Supply free breakfast to the vulnerable in Jurong district during the circuit breaker month till 4th May. The menu ranges from Bee Hoon to Nasi Lemak to Yong Tau Foo, so will never get bored with different variety each day.
  • Address: 496 Jurong West Street 41, Singapore 640496
  • Details in Facebook post here
  1. Tanjong Pagar Plaza’s House of Chicken Rice
  • About: Those aged 55 and above can eat for free and each person limited to 3 packets. Though there is a promotional price of $0.90 for one chicken rice, those who wish to help can patronise the store and pay the regular price of $4.50 for one chicken rice instead.
  • Address: 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Singapore 082001
  • Operating hours: Daily 11am to 10pm
  • Read the owner’s post here
  1. Belanja Eat
  • About: Find a nearby stall in their website map then let the hawker know you need a Belanja Eat meal
  • Get Belanja-ed now
  1. OK Chicken Rice
  • About: Anyone who needs a meal, can collect up to 2 daily meals a day for lunch and dinner for free.
  • Address: Blk 721 AMK Central S560721
  • Operating hours: Open Daily 10am-11pm
  • More details here
  1. Soya Bean & Jelly Drink
  • About: Free drinks to food delivery riders until May 4
  • Address: #01–136, 105 Yishun Ring Road
  • Operating hours: Monday to Friday till 3pm
  • Read Facebook post here
  1. Tastebuds
  • About: Set aside over $20,000 worth of food to donate to families who can’t apply for ComCare and/or just so happen to fall out of the bracket for government aid.
  • Message them on FB messager or email here
  1. [NEW] 卤鼎记 Lu Ding Ji
  • About: Offering 1000 free Japanese/Taiwanese rice bowls to Private Hire Vehicles (PHV), taxi drivers, medical workers, delivery riders and SAF medical corps attached to affected dormitories for takeaway at its Viva Business Park outlet. Address is 750 chai chee road #01-13 Viva Business Park.
  • Check out their Facebook post now
  1. [NEW] nomVnom
  • About:Anyone who wishes to claim a free vegetarian burger for themselves or someone else can just approach the staff at their 2 outlets at 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-105/106/107 Singapore 059817, and 18 Tai Seng Street, #B1-02, S539775 respectively. 
  • View Facebook post

Click HERE to view the above in a Google sheet format.