The Ultimate Guide of 35 Local Women’s Businesses in Singapore

On this day of 8th March, people all over the world are celebrating International Women’s Day. Hence, today we at Savour! aim to draw your attention to 35 successful local businesses based in Singapore that are being managed and led by women who are doing brilliantly in their respective fields. 

The businesses we featured come from a diverse range of industries and organization types such as retailers, social enterprises, wholesalers, non-profit organisations, caterers, manufacturers and service providers. 

  1. Emi and Eve | Retailer

They make jewellery by recycling wartime bullets into gold plated ethical jewellery. By recycling exploded remnants of war into ethical luxury jewellery collections they support landmine clearing and also contribute to economic empowerment and revive ancient cultural craft traditions. Their jewellery collections are made by a social enterprise in Cambodia, especially women working in landmine clearing jobs.

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  1. Oh My Goodness! | Social Enterprise

Oh My Goodness! is a small food company in Singapore who work towards the mission of making gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free food for the whole table more available, accessible and affordable across Asia Pacific to serve those suffering from food allergies and sensitivities in the region. It is a social enterprise with an operations team consisting of disadvantageous individuals.

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  1. Olive Tree | Social Enterprise

Olive Tree makes, buys and sells handcrafted products. These products are hand made by the under-privileged communities both overseas and local. It curates the products and assists the beneficiaries to improve their craft. Most of the profit gained will go towards funding a Children's Home (situated in North Thailand) for its operational expenses. Their products include hand made bags and pouches and any other fabric products, handmade Natural Soap, and handmade gifts for souvenir and decoration purposes. 

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  1. TOUCH Community Services | Non-Profit Organization

An initiative that started with the small attempt of helping children has today become a multi service organization with a network of services located in different parts of Singapore. They work towards providing a positive environment for children coming from low income and single parent families. 

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  1. RSVP Singapore | Non-Profit Organisation

RSVP Singapore is an organization consisting of Senior Volunteers. It has been actively motivating seniors to take part in purpose driven volunteerism. RSVP Singapore serves more than 200,000 beneficiaries each year including the mentally disadvantaged, at-risk children from low income families, and socially isolated seniors through its community service programmes.

To know more about their enterprise, click here! RSVP is currently selling their Cookbook on Savour!’s platform. It is a collection of culinary treasures contributed by its volunteers, many of whom are from the Pioneer Generation, and invited guest contributors. It is timely that their treasured recipes are put to print for posterity – to pass down to the next and future generations. This Cookbook also represents the work of RSVP volunteers from conceptualising, writing, photographing through to the cooking of the varied dishes for photography. It is a manifestation of the many talents that RSVP volunteers have, irrespective of age.

  1. A Real Leaf | Retailer

They provide ethical and sustainable products that are made using natural and organic materials. These products are made by small local businesses all across Asia. A Real Leaf provides meaningful gifts, both corporate and door, for clients,staff or events.


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  1. Ugly food | Social Enterprise

Ugly Food was founded with the mission of revamping the food ecosystem by eliminating food wastage. They offer their own branded and sustainability sourced goods and deliver them conveniently to the customers’ doorstep at low prices.

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  1.  Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd (GDS) | Non-Profit Organization 

Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd (GDS) was founded with the mission to help the visually impaired enhance their quality of life. They focus on providing mobility training to the blind or visually impaired, and pair suitable candidates with Guide Dogs. They sell charity merchandise like magnets, files, paperclips, plush key chains, and pouches. 

To know more about the organization, click here!


  1. The Eco Statement | Social Enterprise

The Eco Statement works towards conserving the environment by spreading awareness in the form of talks,workshops, events and curating sustainable products. They aim to make eco-products easily available to people.


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  1.  Java Eco Project | Social Enterprise 

It is a non profit, fair wage organization that supports community programs in Indonesia. They actively encourage  corporate, government and educational institutions to help reduce excess waste along with selling upcycled products.


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  1.  Chye Choon Foods | Wholesaler

Apart from being known as a major manufacturer of rice noodle and rice vermicelli, we are also known to be a major rice importer in Singapore. Their products are well-received by consumers with its consistent good quality and they are mostly certified by the Health Promotion Board of the Singapore Ministry of Health as 'Healthier Choice Products' as well as being 'Halal’ certified.


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  1. BRice | Student Social Enterprise

BRice consists of a group of undergraduate students from the National University of Singapore who are members of the NUS Social Impact Catalyst. Brice aims to reduce its reliance on private funding via exploring sustainable alternative revenue streams that make use of local skills and resources. Brice sells 40g packs of rice puffs with honey, mango and cashews as well as snack jars. 


To know more about their activities and initiatives, click here !

  1. Coco Veda | Social Enterprise

 Aligned to the UNs Sustainable Development Goals, Coco Veda has developed a range of more than 100 sustainable, handmade, natural, organic and Halal certified coconut based products.

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  1. Skinship | Social Enterprise

Skinship is dedicated in creating quality sustainable alternatives for skincare products. All their products are crafted with the most organic ingredients from our amazing Mother Nature. 


To know more about the products they offer, click here! Skinship is currently on Savour!’s platform, where their products include enzyme soap bars with choices like basil seeds, sweet orange and activated charcoal, as well as bundle sets. This makes perfect birthday gifts to your loved ones and even a gift to yourself.

  1. Amoy Canning | Wholesaler

Working closely with regional chefs, Amoy Canning uses time-honoured traditional recipes with quality produce sourced from respected and reliable suppliers to deliver authentic Asian dishes to generations of households across the world.

To know more about their recipes , click here! Amoy Canning currently sells popcorn with interesting flavours like seaweed, strawberry, chocolate and caramel on Savour!’s platform.

  1. Seastainable | Social Enterprise 

Seastainable is a business that supports marine conservation in Singapore and around Southeast Asia. They do this by encouraging individuals to reduce their plastic consumption through the use of our sustainable straws, while channeling our profits to environmental organizations in need. 


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  1. Myrtle | Social Enterprise

Myrtle is a local, socially conscious gift-giving platform in creating meaningful and environmentally conscious gifts through empowering low income mothers as their artisanal product designers. They strive towards a circular economy through repurposing, reducing and recycling.

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  1. The Fishwives | Wholesaler

The Fishwives work towards providing us with unadulterated, sustainable clean fresh food without any additives, chemicals and genetic modification.

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  1. AMP | Social Enterprise

AMP is a registered charitable organisation and is accorded the status of an Institution of Public Character.  AMP will partner with any player who identifies with and supports its mission in society and will support government policies which serve to advance the community and the interest of the people at large. AMP is currently running a microbusiness programme, which equip individuals from less privileged households trade, business and IT skills to start a home-based business as an alternative source of income for the household.

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  1. Soul Food | Social Enterprise 

Soul Food is a restaurant that serves home-styled modern European cuisine in a private dining setting. It was set up as a social enterprise to train and empower differently-abled young persons various cooking methods and techniques to produce high quality soups, sauces and desserts, with a hand-made, artisan taste and feel. They are open for walk-in lunch from Tuesday to Friday. Weekday evenings and Saturdays are reserved for private dining events.

  1.  Bliss Restaurant | Caterer

 Bliss Group is a social enterprise that firmly believes in eating well and doing good. Their vision is to create a vibrant lifestyle dining destination with a social cause and they aim to offer gainful and dignified employment to all without discrimination even to those with immutable traits

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  1.  Purple and Pure| Retailer

Purple and Pure sells products that help environmentally conscious consumers reduce their plastic use. They offer a line of grocery bags, tote bags and multipurpose pouches made with organic cotton are perfect when shopping for fruits, veggies, grains and nuts at the supermarket.Purple & Pure is here to help you on your journey to a Zero waste lifestyle. They pride themselves on providing products that are socially and ecologically responsible.

To know more about what products they offer, click here ! Purple and Pure is selling their range of products like organic cotton mesh and muslin produce bags as well as plantable recycled newspaper HB pencils on Savour!’s platform. 

  1. Toteally Tea | Retailer

They are a socially-conscious distributor of premium tea-infused products and nutritious snacks produced in the homes of farmers and merchants in Asia to tea lovers all over the world.

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  1. The Creative Chair | Retailer  

Founded in 2020, The Creative Chair is a social enterprise that provides an official platform to showcase the works of persons with muscular dystrophy and to create greater awareness of their creative abilities.

To know more about the products they offer, click here! They currently sell drawstring pouches, farming starter kits, postcards, books and t-shirts on Savour!’s platform.

  1.  Playeum | Service Provider

Playeum is an independent charity that makes use of play, the arts and creativity to develop life-skills among children including children from marginalized backgrounds. Playeum is also a content provider for Private Events/Programmes. Playeum targets corporates looking for artful play experiences for Family Days, Client Appreciation Days, Product Launches, and CSR Visits with Beneficiaries. Playeum also offers Corporate Sponsorship Support for Community-focused Programmes and Staff Volunteerism. 

To know more about what they do, click here! If you are keen on engaging Playeum for any CSR opportunities, feel free to email them at

  1. Artistree 

Started in NUS Social Impact Catalyst, it is a social enterprise that dedicates itself to empowering youth from different social causes through art.

To learn more and support a student social enterprise, visit their Instagram page here

  1. Mustard Tree | Social Enterprise

Mustard Tree believes in empowering special needs people with comparable craft skills and self-worth. Resulting profits are reinvested to create new businesses, training and jobs for people with special needs.

To know more about what they do , click here !


An event creator that curates markets in Singapore. Sourcing of retail and food and beverages vendors for markets.  

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  1. Tiger Foods | Retailer

A global trading company specializing in food and agricultural commodities worldwide, headquartered in Singapore. They are on a mission to redefine the way people eat through conscious and sustainable efforts wherein everyone has access to quality foods that are not just great on taste but also great for their health. They sell products like commodities, tea, and superfood. 

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  1. Charley & Co. | Retailer

Charlye & Co. was established in 2019 in dreams of empowering the local community and youths. Charlye & Co. believes in giving back to the local community. They regularly partner with local non-profit organisations to raise funds and awareness for their respective causes.

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  1.  Rame Grazing | Retailer

 They provide artfully made and constructed boxes & tablescapes for events and gatherings as well as to offer them as gifts. Offering a variety of cheese, fruits, vegetarian and dessert options in our grazing tables and boxes, customers can customise a spread for any event.

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  1. The Eco Gem |Retailer

The Eco Gem started to transform recyclables and turn them into beautiful yet sustainable jewelry through a process of Upcycling, the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful.

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  1. Wen Ken Group | Manufacturer 

Wen Ken Group is a family-owned group of companies and the creator of the renowned Three Legs Brand Cooling Water. It is one of the largest Traditional Chinese Medicine companies in Southeast Asia. The group has also ventured into developing and producing functional food and drink products that are in line with their healthcare model.

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  1. TINTIN | Retailer

They are dedicated to providing you with high quality TINTIN merchandise that will not only trigger happy memories of your childhood, but more importantly, rekindle with your comic heroes. For young fans, new to the world of TINTIN, may this allow us to ignite the start of your journey into the reporter’s exploits and many countless adventures.

To check out the different products they offer, click here ! TINTIN is currently on Savour!’s platform, offering a wide range of unique TINTIN-themed products like notebooks, resin collectibles, resin figurines, mugs, pencil case and bags. 

  1. Twisted Dua| Retailer

The brand is inspired by anything twisted, fun and materials are carefully sourced, and are earth & animal friendly.  They are an award winning natural deodorant company.

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This International Women’s Day, we would like to encourage you to support these local businesses wonderfully led by women and help them to grow by checking them out and buying products from them. 

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Written by Madhupriya Rao

Madhupriya Rao is a Communications and Marketing Intern at Savour!