The Sustainability Conversation- Randeep Melhi

Savour! introduces its first-ever podcast series, ‘The Sustainability Conversation’. There will be a new episode every week posted on Savour!’s platforms (Spotify Podcasts, iTunes Podcasts, Youtube, IGTV, and Facebook Videos). This is a 4-part podcast series, with one episode released every week

We started this podcast series with the aim to get speakers who are experienced and knowledgeable in various particular areas and get them to share their thoughts, experiences, and advice. The key objectives of this podcast are to educate listeners (general public, merchants, and B2B customers) who are interested to learn more about the various areas of sustainability in SG from industry experts’ knowledge and experience in different sectors and to inspire listeners on how they can play a part to support these sustainability areas and the speakers.

For our first episode of the podcast, we had Randeep Melhi, the founder and COO of 360 Green. 360green is a Singapore-based forestry carbon projects management and consultancy. 360green’s expertise includes marrying the carbon markets, sustainable practices, and forestry projects with machine learning-driven data analytics, distributed ledger technology, and end-to-end forestry conservation research and analytics.

Randeep has been helping large, complex organizations reconcile with blockchain technology for over 7 years. He has successfully spearheaded projects in several industries: finance, real estate, gov-tech, smart cities, supply chain, and clean energy. He was the founding member of KPMG’s blockchain practice in 2014 where he worked on helping Wall Street reconcile with the impact of blockchain technology on their business models. In 2018, he relocated from New York to Singapore to help drive further blockchain innovation in Asia.

Randeep spoke to us about Sustainability in the context of, “Carbon Tax Legislations & Incentives”. The aim of this episode was to learn about Randeep’s experiences and perspectives as a stakeholder in the current sustainability scene in Singapore and what he is working on to comply with carbon tax legislation in Singapore. Pertaining to the topic, he answered several of our questions. The main highlights covered were:

  • Suggestions on Improvement of Carbon Tax Incentives
  • Economic Sectors to be hit hardest and minimization of the impact.
  • Effective ways of Implementing a Carbon Tax
  • Effects of Implementing a Carbon Tax
  • Sustainable Efforts taken by Companies to comply

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Written by Simran Udeshi

Simran Udeshi is a Marketing & Communications Intern at Savour!