The Sustainability Conversation- Aidan Mock

The Sustainability Conversation is a 4-part podcast session, with one session every week. We started this podcast series with the aim to get speakers who are experienced and knowledgeable in various particular areas and get them to share their thoughts, experiences and advice.The key objectives of this podcast are to educate listeners (general public, merchants, and B2B customers) who are interested to learn more about the various areas of sustainability in SG from industry experts’ knowledge and experience in different sectors and to inspire listeners on how they can play a part to support these sustainability areas and the speakers.

On this episode of The Sustainability Conversation, we speak to Aidan Mock, a budding environmentalist with us. Aidan is the Impacts and Assurance Manager at the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber.

He is interested in creating systemic change to protect our living world and has previously worked with activist groups, NGOs, government officials, and businesses to advance this vision. He enjoys working in teams and is always happy to explore potential collaborations!

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Disclaimer: Any views/opinions made by the guest is the guest's opinion. It does not represent the views/opinions of the host or the podcast. The podcast is not intended to constitute or be relied upon as professional advice. You should consult a qualified professional for any professional advice. 

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Written by Tanya Lim

Tanya Lim is a Marketing & Communications Intern at Savour!