8 Ways To Enjoy Savings While Being Sustainable In Singapore

‘Live responsibly’.

Everything you do in your day to day life has an impact on the planet, from the food you eat to the car you drive. You might think that sustainable living equates with depriving, time consuming and costly.

At first look, it can be extremely daunting to make attempts to reduce one’s environmental footprint especially so when others around you are not making an effort on their part.

But if you break it down into small steps, you will realise that you have more power than you thought. Here are 8 ways to live sustainably.

  1. Go for reusable

Admittedly, inconvenience of carrying reusablecups exist, such as having to carry with you and it is something you have torinse out.

However, focusing on the pros, carrying areusable helps to save money! How so?

Carrying a reusable bottle helps to lowerlikelihood of spontaneous purchases, such as purchasing a plastic bottle ofplain water each time you feel thirsty.

Let’s do the calculation,

You will be potentially saving $537.60/ year !

Still not convinced? Do you know that you can potentially save $0.50 if you were to bring your own reusable at a selected local coffee shop? You are potentially saving for another cup of coffee for every 2 reusable cups you bring!

Hop on to Savour! , sign up for an account and get your very own reusable cup from The Sustainability Project below.

Tips for using a reusable:

  • Invest in a good reusable that allows you to store hot drinks
  • Have more than 1 reusable cup!
  • Rinse your reusable cup after use immediately after use.

2. Bake using sustainable ingredients

Hands up if you are one of the many people who took up baking during circuit breaker!

Be adventurous and try out new recipes using healthy and sustainable gluten-free mango flour from Seedfuel via Savour!’s platform in the listing below. Mango flour from Seedfuel is upcycled from 100% mango seed kernels which makes it sustainable and packed with nutrients. Try this during this upcoming holiday season!

3. Go for expiring, blemished and surplus but still perfectly edible food

Savour! offers blemished, surplus and close to expiry but still edible and good to use food and beverage products at discounted price.

Not only will you be able to save some cost, you will be contributing to one less food wasted!

Check out the list of products here !

4. Composting your food waste

700,000 tonnes of food waste is disposed of by locals each year! And out of the 700,000 tonnes of food, approximately 17% is recycled leaving the remaining 83% of food waste being incinerated mainly at Pulau Semakau. Is there a possible way to reduce that number?

Do you know that by composting, you can potentially transform up to 60% of your total waste into useful nutrients for your greens?

Putting aside challenges such as unpleasant smells, dirt and annoying pests may deter even the environmental advocates, composting is organic, nutrients rich and does great benefit in improving soil moisture!

Not sure where and how to start? Check out a future composting workshop by Food Citizen.

4. Shop at thrift stores

Aside from cost-saving, you might even find rare outfits from the 1900s, old records playlist or even that original Beatles play disk that no amount of money can get you from any audio store!

As if the great deals, rare gems and cost-saving goods are not attractive enough, most thrift stores are tied to some kind of charity. Thus, shopping in thrift stores such as PraiseHaven Thrift Shop by the Salvation Army aims to support beneficiaries in need. The Salvation Army’s stores fully fund their adult rehabilitation program, and the thrift store serves to provide work for a group of their beneficiaries.

Shopping at thrift stores is a great way to not only provide products with a second lease of life, but to also give back to society. Check out other local thrift store shopping here !

6. Grow your own veggies

Urban farming? Is that even possible living in this concrete jungle?

Look around you, notice the random patch of land with residents working hard to water and grow their greens.The Allotment Gardening scheme in Singapore was started back in 2016. These allotment garden plots can be found in parks and gardens island-wide.

What’s next?

Choose the type of veggies that you love! Check out this website for the types of veggie that requires the minimum.

Before you dive into planting your fresh greens, do keep in mind to ensure a safe corridor for you and your neighbours. Afterall, nobody likes walking through a jungle to get to their comfortable home.

Ensure a clear width of 1.2M to prevent any obstruction in case of any emergencies.

7. Choose sustainable commuting

Do you know that transportation represents 14% of emissions locally based on a 2017 statistic by ClimateActionChange?

According to a study by London consulting firm Credo, Singapore has one of the most cost-efficient public transport networks in the world, however we cannot deny the fact that alternative transportation methods might offer more comfort.

Thus, over the years, we have seen a rise in a number of ride sharing and transport rental companies such as, Grab, Uber, Mobike, BlueSG and the list goes on..

With the common goal of making a change to people’s lives in transport mobility and working towards making their service sustainable, convenient, reliable through innovative ways.

Consider sustainable commuting improving communities and the environment.

8. Go paperless

After transaction whether in physical store or online, opt for e-receipt instead of physical receipt.

Collect scrap paper in a tray and ensure both sides of the paper are used up before scraping them away.

Read your favourite newspaper publications or take note online via phone, tablet or computer instead of reading and using the paper versions.

The above are just a few simple habits you can incorporate in your daily lives to work towards going paperless!

Many people might think that, to live sustainability, it would require alot of time and effort. But in actual fact, putting in little time and effort to live sustainability can actually save you some money in as well as contributing positively to the environment.

Let’s debunk those misconceptions, share with people around us and inspire this global movement.

Sustainability is the new green. Let’s live life on experience and not on the things we own!

The effects of climate change have never been more pronounced than before. Do your part to reduce carbon footprint and food wastage by heading down to Savour! to procure your next food item.

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