Introducing: Savour! The Moment Campaign — Follower Giveaway, Savour! Tries Series, And Life@Savour!

By now, you would’ve heard of our new initiative — Savour! The Moment. Some of you may be scratching your heads, wondering what on earth it means.

Well, Savour! The Moment — as its name implies — is driven by the idea to get people to appreciate all the little things around us and enjoy the very moment we’re in! This means being more conscious of our behaviour when it comes to living sustainably. After all, mindless capitalist consumerism feeds our instant gratification, which plays a big role in destroying our planet and strips our ability to cherish non-materialistic experiences.

Savour! The Moment is jam-packed with two major events that are happening right now! First up, to thank all of our followers for their unwavering support since our launch and with Christmas just round the corner, we’re planning to host a 500 followers giveaway on Instagram, 700 followers giveaway on LinkedIn, 300 likes on Facebook, and 200 subscribers on Telegram, where you might be the lucky winner to walk away with ___! To participate, simply follow the instructions in this social media post on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Telegram. Keep an eye on our account for some exciting challenges to complete. We’re all for sharing so be sure to tell your family and friends about our giveaway too!

Besides the giveaway, we are also kicking off Savour! Tries, a video segment where our adventurous interns in trying out all sorts of activities that make use of recyclable materials! We can’t wait to show you what we have in store so do stay tuned to our social media accounts for more updates soon!

Savour! Tries will also feature Life @ Savour!, a section dedicated to a behind-the-scenes look at the people and culture at Savour!. In addition to growing our merchants, customers and local communities, we also care about the Savour! team. Thus, keep a lookout for our upcoming intern outing happening soon!

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Written by Darlene Loh
Darlene Loh 
is a Marketing and Communications Intern at Savour!