Savour! 2nd Anniversary Product Catalogue

How many products are there on Savour! Website?

This might be a common question you have in mind when you just get to know about Savour!. Well, let us help you figure it out faster by listing some of the interesting products and brands that are currently available on Savour! Website!:

1. Vteatrading

First on the list, we have a name that everyone can feel familiar with, it’s the products from Gongcha by the vteatrading supplier. What a great treat while you having a short break while working, or hanging out at the weekend with your loved ones. There are 8 flavors mentioned in this blog, but you can check out more on Savour! website.

2. Java Eco Project

With the motto is to upcycle and uplift! Java Eco Project transforms trash into treasures with the mission to empower and uplift our artisans by providing fair wage employment, healthcare, and education for trash-picking children. The makers expertly craft the products from trash-picking communities in Java, so it will be such a great opportunity to get pretty and functional products with eco-friendly well-made.

3. iFood Pte Ltd

Next on the list is from the iFood Pte Ltd supplier, we know what you think when looking at this, such as a great good-looking deal for your next picnic plan right? Or a meeting with your co-worker, a birthday, or even simply a treat for a weekend movie night! Whatever is it, visit Savour! to find out the best set for you as there are many flavors offered, from sausage, curry chicken, tuna, and chocolate to vegetable, blueberry, banana, and peach for those who are on diet.

4. Dan’s Bite

The next one will be for those who love snacking, Savour! bring you Dan’s Bite with a delicious mixed brownie with nuts, white chocolate, milk tea, and dark chocolate flavor. We are sure you can get a unique taste and experience. The original price is $120, but you can make the purchase for $99.80 now on Savour! Not only that, special discounts will be given for bulk orders with more than 10 cartons.

5. Angle Florist

How long since the last time you visit your parents or loved ones? Or are you looking for a birthday gift for your kid’s friend? Angle Florist here is to help you! With many items included in the different sets for many occasions from visit sick with Wellness Hamper (Get Well Soon), Wellness Hamper (Care Package) to kid’s birthday with Baby Hamper (Baby World), Baby Hamper (Warmest) set. Visit Savour! Website to find out the more interesting set.

6. Rent Portable AV

The next product category from the Rent Portable AV supplier also offers you different options for different occasions. With Speakers, Mics, Projector, Lapel Mics Set, Mixer, and GoPro. Next time you have fun outdoor activities or any events, remember to visit Savour! To have one of these products.

7. Eco - Statement

Another eco-friendly product from Eco-Statement supplier, with a lot of products, is hand-made and recycled materials with many usages from stationery to alternative single-use plastic products for parties with spoons, forks, and plates. Contributing to reducing waste to the environment while still having wonderful and interesting products is now so easy right?

8. Avally iMex Pte Ltd

Want to have another option to help to protect your body? Then make sure you check out these products from Aavally Imex natural and organic oils product than can help you get rid of the mosquito, bug or to help sanitize. Even better, all of the products give you a good scent that can make you feel fresh and clean without smelling chemicals and drying the skin.

9. Nick Vina Artisan Bakery

Feeling hungry? We back again with a bakery product from Nick Vina Artisan Bakery, using natural sourdough baking technique and selected wheat flour types, these bakery products are more than the average commercial bakeries. With complex varying flavors of baked goods that have been consistently produced at Nick Vina Artisan Bakery rather than using commercial yeast, we are sure you will have a whole different taste experience with these.

10. Min Hiang Food Pte Ltd

Last but not least, we have 100% homemade products with no preservatives artificial coloring, or flavor, such a great deal for your health with freshly brewed products.

Even though Savour!’s mission is to provide an innovative way to help connect Merchants and Corporates with more reasonable prices, and help to tackle food waste at the same time. There are many diverse choices Savour! is offering besides Food and Beverage products, from Gifting products such as Apparel, Bags, Gadgets, Stationery, etc., to Materials products with Cleaning, Pantry, Office or Household, and even Services such as AV systems, Event Management, and Workshop. For that reason, make sure you keep up with Savour! Product as we expanding our product categories to even more diversity, so that when you visit Savour! You can find products for not just only yourself but for your loved ones!

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Written by Louis

Louis is the Communications and Marketing Intern at Savour!