Highlights From Savour!’S Official Platform Launch Event

Thank you all for joining us for Savour!’s official platform launch event last Saturday morning, on 15 August 2020! We are thankful and appreciative that over 80 of you took the time out to attend and celebrate a momentous milestone with the Savour! team.

Zatalyn Ho, the emcee for the event, started off the launch by giving an introduction to Savour! followed by an opening address by Katrina, the CEO of Savour!, who is behind securing many of the merchants, B2B customers and strategic partners, share with us her purpose and journey of starting Savour! as well as express her gratitude towards the team, mentors, investors, merchant partners, B2B customers, and everyone who supported her during her startup journey.

Our two guests of honors, Mr Eric Chua, the parliamentary secretary for the Ministry of Social and Family Development & Ministry of Culture, community, and youth as well as Mr Mr David Chua, the CEO of National Youth Council were there to grace our event to deliver their opening remarks. Thank you to both guests of honors for their wise words and encouraging thoughts.

Indeed, as quoted from Mr Eric Chua ‘While the outlook for the immediate future for us may not be as rosy. We here in Singapore have one another to support one another and work towards building a greater future together, whether we are in a team or collectively as separate organizations.’

In Mr David Chua words, ‘Follow through on your conviction and passion. Believe in something and do something about it.’ This is what team at Savour! believe in which motivates us to always go back to our purpose of starting Savour! and working towards our goals.

Leading up to the launch, the team at Savour! has been working tirelessly with our shared passion about environmental sustainability and helping those in need to strive to achieve our common goal of making a larger environmental and social impact in the world, with one less food wasted and one more organization empowered at a time.

Thereafter, we have Mike, the CTO of Savour! who is behind developing Savour!’s amazing web and app platform, where he unveiled the platform and demonstrated the process of how to use Savour! for our B2B customers to start placing orders and applying for sponsorships.

We then conducted a mini-game segment on Kahoot consisting of 6 questions relating to food wastage and food insecurity in Singapore and internationally. I am excited to announce the top 3 winners ‘ KE7, Elijah & huiqi’ who will be walking away with a $10 Savour! e-voucher each to use on our platform.

Moving on to the most exciting segment of the event, Jessie, our emcee for the 2nd half of the event, and Katrina shared about Savour!’s upcoming fundraising initiative, launch video, special launch promotional campaign, and social media contest! Follow and check out Savour!’s social media pages regularly on InstagramFacebookLinkedin and Telegram now to find out more details from the upcoming post on the fundraising initiative, launch video, special launch promotional campaign, and social media contest that will be posted in the next few days.

We ended the 1st half of our event with a closing address by Mike who expressed how he overcame the challenges encountered building Savour! and his gratitudes towards the team and those who supported him while he developed Savour!’s platform.

The 2nd half of the event focused mainly on sharing with our audience ways to reduce food waste, where we had two live virtual zero food waste workshops.

James, the CEO of Seedfuel, who demonstrated how to convert mango seeds to mango flour to bake into burger buns.

Han Jing from Food Citizen to share with us how she converts food waste to various types of food compost.

It was really nice being able to connect with like-minded individuals via Savour!’s launch event. Thank you to all our existing merchant partners and B2B customers for putting their trust in our team, to come on board to either list your items or procure items on our platform. We will work hard to make sure that we constantly try to meet your needs.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts that will be posted in the next few days where you will get to know more details about the individual segments of our event, such as the fundraising initiative, launch video, special launch promotional campaign, and social media contest.

If you are a B2B customer that is interested to sign up for a free account to use Savour!, sign up here now: app.savourapp.co.

If you are a merchant that is interested to sign up for a free account to list on Savour!, please drop us an email at hello@savourapp.co with the title “Merchant Signup”.

Once you have signed up for an account on our web platform and start placing orders and sponsorships, you can redeem orders and sponsorships by downloading our app here:

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