The Next Korean IKEA: How Hanguk Kitchen Reduces Food Wastage With Savour!


Today we have one of Savour!’s merchant, Hanguk Kitchen with us!

Hanguk Kitchen is a remarkable social enterprise boasting a state-of-the-art central kitchen specializing in Korean cuisine. These talented Korean chefs and cooks are driven by the mission to help F&B companies overcome the problems affecting today; allowing them to pre-order large quantities of Korean food from a well-equipped centralised kitchen that would otherwise require much time, personnel and storage space in order to bring it to the tables of their customers.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Shawn, General Manager of Hanguk Kitchen, to share with us more about his venture! With boundless energy and enthusiasm, it is no wonder he is able to create such stunning and scintillating korean dishes for the masses! Let us begin!

Hi! My name is Shawn, I’m from Hanguk Kitchen and Hanguk Kitchen is about bringing authentic Korean Cuisine to everyone in Singapore! Something interesting about Korean food is that it is not easy to prepared them in small quantities. So I think that is one of the constraints that the restaurants in Singapore are actually facing. Here at Hanguk Kitchen, we are able to produce a diversity of great quantities of authentic korean food.

1.What are some of Hanguk Kitchen’s greatest challenges when it first started up?

I think one main problem that comes to mind was the handling of cold blasted foods at the right quantity such that it won’t expire. That takes a lot of experience from our years in this business, so it really comes with a lot of experience and also from the different data points that we receive. That’s all.

2.Companies tend to face adversity more often than not in this competitive environment in this day and age, with added pressure on adhering to environmental sustainability trends amongst consumers and government efforts. What were some of the challenges pertaining to environmental sustainability your companies face during day to day operations? How did Hanguk Kitchen mitigate this?

Definitely in any F&B businesses there will be a lot of food wastage especially for us when we have the wholesale side and the food manufacturing, food processing side. A lot of how we reduce the food wastage is based on our experience running this business since 2015, based on the different data points like orders, demand forecasting, how we do our procurement, how we actually cook the food in the kitchen. So a lot of that is actually based on our experience. So what we try to do is to actually order things that are of the right quantity and to prepare things of the right quantity. Having said that, I guess in all F&B businesses there will definitely be food wastage, but we can do our best to reduce food wastage.

3.What puts a smile on your face/evokes happiness in your work or daily life?

Many of my friends and families like Korean Food, so what really puts a smile on my face is when I see them really enjoy eating the food that we create, particularly on the food that we do R&D on, so those kind of new food that we create, the new dishes that we create and when I look at them eating these new dishes and then enjoy them, that really puts a smile on my face.

4.What motivates you to come onboard with Savour?

To me it makes total sense to onboard Savour! Because number one the food wastage is there, goods are going to expire anyway, so, if we are going to somehow waste these goods right, why not actually release these goods for a good cause? So actually to me it makes total sense when it comes to onboarding Savour!. I really want to thank Katrina for contacting me, and I also want to thank all the staff in Savour! that work very hard towards this cause because this is fundamentally a root problem in the entire F&B industry and it’s actually a very huge gap that no one is solving right now. I actually want to encourage you guys to work harder, it’s actually for the greater cause, not only for the industry, but for the people in Singapore as well.

We have come to the end of the interview! Thank you so much for sharing, and we’ll catch Hanguk Kitchen live on the platform when Savour! launches officially on August 2020.

Stay with us till then!