Savour! Goes to Cochrane Recreational Centre

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) recently organised a special event to celebrate Singapore's 56th birthday and ACE's 1 Year Anniversary. Held on 28 August 2021 9am to 1pm, Savour! in partnership with Western Union went down to set up a booth at Cochrane Recreation Centre to give out 200 gift free care packs to migrant workers to celebrate the special occasion together.


The aim of this event was to provide some welfare gifts to migrant workers to thank them for their hard work and contributions to the country and at the same time, to raise awareness of how to remit their money back to their families safely.


Distribution of goodie bags to migrant workers



Throughout the event, there were quite a large number of migrant workers on-site during the promotion as there was a free haircut event that was going on concurrently at the recreation centre. Delightful faces were seen when migrant workers collected their free goodie bags and many were seen carrying the bags around while they shopped around the area.