Savour!’S New Service Launch — Customised Corporate Procurement Services For Your Events

Looking to procure many specific products within a specific budget range for your event, program or operations within tight timelines? Don’t worry, Savour! got you covered!

We at Savour! are in a constant pursuit to provide easy and effortless procurement of products and simultaneously minimise wastage of resources to maximise resources and budget. Keeping these goals in mind, we are extremely excited to present to you Savour!’s ‘New Service Launch’.

Common procurement issues faced by B2B customers like you:
Procurement is not as easy as we think it is. Companies and organizations go through a wide range of difficulties in the process of procuring products. Here, time, effort and money are at stake. There are also risks of possible fraud, quality issues and also delivery risks that constitute the major chunk of mishaps in procurement. Apart from this, other prominent obstacles such as the process of identifying the right vendor, delays in the process cycle and inadequate data also take-up a substantial amount of time and energy.

How Savour! solves your procurement issues:
This is where Savour!’s ‘New Service Launch’ comes to the rescue. We understand the challenges that our customers such as companies, charities and school clubs face in the typical procurement process. Settling the logistics for the products they require within a tight timeline and a more or less fixed budget, is a hassle that diverts their attention from other essential activities that they are responsible for.

What our service offers:
Providing customised corporate procurement and sponsorship services.
2.Covering planning, sourcing, liaising and fulfillment of these products.
3.Working with our platform merchants and external merchants to procure your product and event requirements at the best deals for you.

What are the benefits of using our services:
We take over the entire burden of the procurement process and make it completely hassle-free for you. Our B2B customers, such as companies, can get back to handling your business operations and charities/nonprofits can get back to pursuing your humanitarian tasks. The Savour!’s team will go the extra mile to meet your specific procurement requirements so that your event can be run successfully.

How do I engage Savour!’s services:
All you need to do is share with us your details of your procurement needs for your event in this short Google Form HERE and you can outsource the procurement process to us!


Written by Madhupriya Rao
Madhupriya Rao 
is a Communications and Marketing Intern at Savour!