Savour! featured on Channel NewsAsia’s On The Red Dot Series

Singapore is celebrated as a food paradise but hidden amongst the heaping plates and fragrant aromas is a silent epidemic. Hunger. Why does hunger still exist in the wealthiest country in Asia?

In this episode of On The Red Dot:"Hunger In Singapore: Are You Secretly Going Hungry?", that aired on 19 and 21 March on both Channel NewsAsia (CNA) and Channel 5, Germaine Tan (host) meets a new generation of changemakers who think that technology may hold the answer to stopping it. 

Germaine sets a taste test for Anirudh Agarwal and his 3D food printers and gets a pleasant surprise when she bites down into Ong Shujian’s lab-grown meat. Things get a little “fishy” when she meets Hannah Joe and her self-sustaining aquaponics production system and goes foraging with 19-year-old angler Lim Yi Xuan. As she joins Katrina Lee and her distribution network that’s helping to feed thousands of hungry households, Germaine discovers an often overlooked fact – that hunger isn’t always tied to poverty.

CEO and Co-Founder of Savour!, Katrina Lee‘s feature begins at 4:52, where she briefly shares how Savour! works, how it helps the issue of food wastage and food insecurity in Singapore, and the impact it has made since its launch.

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About On The Red Dot: CNA's weekly programme documents the stories of ordinary Singaporeans and celebrates their resilience, identity and sense of belonging.

Credits to CNA Insider/Channel NewAsia for video coverage, screen caps and episode synopsis. 

Written by Joel Lim

Joel Lim is a Communications and Marketing Intern at Savour!