Savour!’S Article Feature On Changemakr Asia

Through the use of Global Sustainable Development Goals as a lens through which to view solution-oriented approaches and to create concrete efforts towards building an inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future for people and planet. Changemakr Asia is the next-gen media company that aims to be a catalyst for change makers and every day people who are or aspiring to make an impact in the world today.

Katrina, the CEO and co-founder of Savour! was given the opportunity to share about how she came to create the Savour! Platform, biggest challenges she faced when building up Savour! at the start and today, what is important to her in this world, what she stands for, what issues evokes strong emotion in her, her advice for prospective social entrepreneurs and change makers, and her top 3 famous social entrepreneurs she would like to collaborate with and why.

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To incorporate the element of tackling food insecurity and food waste into a business that is sustainable in the long run is one that most are still trying to grasp and figure out. We hope that readers will gain a better understanding about Katrina’s sharing about Savour!, as well as our efforts towards tackling the issue of food waste and food insecurity.

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