SanSeSan x Hai Di Lao Hotpot Charity Distribution

In the month of June 2021, Savour! was fortunate to be able to share the joy of  savouring Hai Di Lao Hotpot during P2HA with our partnering charity organisations, Good Karma Singapore and Healthy Green Living. In collaboration with SanSeSan, Savour! managed to redistribute a total of 710 boxes of close to expiry hotpots to our beneficiaries with the aim to help reduce food wastage whenever possible. 


By now, you probably know what Savour! does but if not, here it is.

Savour! is a tech startup started in 2019 by a group of local undergraduates who are passionate about saving the environment and helping those in need. It is in our tagline, we believe that Savour! digitalises procurement to save you more while saving the earth and empowering those in need.


39 cartons of Self heating Hai Di Lao Hotpots were distributed from SanSeSan, one of our partnering merchants for our Community Groupbuy effort, to our beneficiaries from Good Karma Singapore and Healthy Green Living, two of our non-profit organisation B2B customers.                                                                    


Distribution of HaiDiLao Hotpots to the charity organisations


The person in charge of Good Karma Singapore and Healthy Green Living expressed their gratitude to the kind sponsorship of SanSeSan and Savour! for providing this opportunity to bless the less privileged.


Savour! would once again like to thank our merchant, SanSeSan, for supplying the products as well as our two partnered charity organisations, Good Karma Singapore and Healthy Green Living for procuring these products for their beneficiaries. We want to express our appreciation to them for supporting this initiative and fulfilling our beliefs in saving the earth and empowering those in need

Watch Good Karma SG Redistribution Video

We highly encourage other charity organisations and food suppliers with excess food resources to come forth and support us for such future initiatives and spread the joy of having good food with the people around us.



Savour! sincerely hope to make Singapore a place with lesser food waste with this initiative and provide our charity organisations with the opportunity to also make a difference in the lives of many. 


You can keep a lookout on our social media pages for stories and posts on our promotional clearance of such food products in the near future and we hope to be able to let this known to more people in need. Spread the word around the people you know  and in the meantime, stay safe! 

The effects of climate change have never been more pronounced than before. Do your part to reduce carbon footprint and food waste by heading down to Savour! to procure your next food item. Visit our website to shop now at  


Written by Jessie

Jessie is the Marketing Director at Savour!