New Munch Boxes (Japanese, Korean & Healthy Treats)

Munch Box Launch


We at Savour! have an assortment of snacks in our new munch boxes for your consumption. We have launched a Japanese, Korean & a healthy box.  Read on for more details.


Enjoy our Japanese box with a selection of snacks for those who love Japanese culture.

Morinaga - Hi-Chew Candy

Cororo - UHA Gummies (Grape, Shine Muscat, Cola)

Murgerbon - Wasabi Almond (30g)

Glico - Collon Cream Biscuit Roll (Strawberry/Chocolate) 

Calbee - Prawn Crackers Bundle (Original/Black Pepper/BBQ/Spicy/Grilled Squid Seaweed)

Snekku - Shoyuemi Japanese Noodle Snack (Black pepper/ Original/ Seaweed)

Want Want - Seaweed Rice Cracker


The Korean box is for those Korean food aficionados, looking for the Korean food experience 

Pepero - Almond Chocolate

Lotte - Choco Pie (Original/Cacao/Green Tea/Banana)

Bibigo - Savoury Roasted Korean Seasoned Seaweed (4g)

Nongshim - Assorted Ramyun Variety Cups

Binggrae - Banana Flavoured Milk Drink 

Lotte - Yogurt Jelly

Murgerbon - Honey Butter Almond (30g)

Haitai - Sindang Dduk Snack (Korean Rice Cake Snack) (100g)


The healthy box is a selection of snacks that are suitable for the health conscious consumer

Amazin' Graze - Granola Variety Box (40g)

Amazin' Graze - Mini Dark Chocolate Brownie Chips (30g)
(Chocolate Hazelnut/Blueberry Coconut/

Tong Garden - Nutrione Daily Pack Baked Nuts & Dried Fruit
(Apple Pie/Mango Tango/Berry Mix)

Tong Garden - Sunflower Seeds (Honey)

Glico - Pocky Wholesome (Blueberry Yogurt/Chocolate Almond)

Glico - Pretz Salad Pocky 

Carman's - Muesli Bars Classic (Fruit & Nut)

Uncle Tobys - Wholegrain Muesli Bars (Strawberry Yogurt/Forest Fruits/Mango Passionfruit/Choco Chip)


Hope you enjoyed reading about our munch box & are looking forward to ordering your snacks. We at Savour! are looking forward to hearing from you & are excited to be of service.