Introducing New Platform Features For Merchants (Q3 2022)

At Savour!, we are constantly improving the experience for both merchants and users to ensure the best user experience on our website as a one-stop cloud-based B2B e-procurement and sponsorship web and app platform connecting companies, non-profit organizations, and school clubs to merchants across the entire supply chain. 

Therefore, we are proud to inform you that our team has released several new features in quarter 3 of 2022 for our Savour! Merchants, to help you, manage and organize the business here on Savour!’s platform to be even more efficient and effective: 


  1. Enable filter tag options to be selected by merchants

  1. Make certain fields in the new product entry form compulsory/required

  1. Show a message box when merchants log in for the first time. A Youtube playlist should be embedded in the box

Link to watch our Youtube playlist:

  1. Include a message box to prompt merchants to install the mobile app when logging in for the first time

Link for downloading Savour!’s app:

  1. Highlight existing fields in Inventory when clicked

  • When a user clicks on any of the following fields, the whole field should be automatically highlighted such that users do not have to manually remove the existing field.

  • Fields:

  • Minimum Order

  • Unit Price

  • Original Unit Price

  • Available Quantity

  1. Implement a Filter feature and a Sort feature for the merchant account ‘Inventory’ tab

  • Include headers for ‘Filter’ and ‘Sort’

  • Filters:

    • Default: All

    • Listed status: Listed, Unlisted, Drafts

    • Category: Food, Gifting, Services, Materials

    • Logistic option: Self-pickup, Paid Delivery

  • Add a filter icon when filters are selected

  • Sort:

    • Default: Dated added (Newest first) with drafts at the bottom

    • Alphabetical, Unit Price, Available Quantity, Minimum Order

  • Include a sort icon for Sort. Users can click on the sort icon to switch the direction of the arrow.

    • Up-arrow: Ascending order

    • Down-arrow: Descending order

    • Selected arrow should be orange in colour

  • Indicate up-arrow or down-arrow accordingly beside the header that is being sorted (eg. ‘Item’ as shown in image) - If possible, allow users to switch the arrow by clicking on the corresponding header

  • Display a tick for the option selected for Sort

  • Refresh icon beside ‘Inventory’ title of page to revert to default state of inventory

  1. ‘Save as draft’ and ‘Publish’ buttons for Inventory ‘Add entry’

  • Change ‘Add’ button to ‘Save as draft’

  • Add a ‘Cancel’ button

  • Add a ‘Publish’ button

  1. Click on name or image of any item row to edit or view the item details

  • When a user clicks on the name or image of any item row, they should be able to edit or view the item details directly without having to click on the ‘Edit’ button.

  1. Settings (General Admin Form) - Limit addresses to 10 and change 'Image' field title to 'Profile Picture/Logo'

  1. When merchants are not done filling up the fields for a new product entry, and they attempt to leave the page, show a confirmation message box to ask if they are sure they want to leave the page

  1. Add a search bar to the ‘Inventory’ tab for searching for items in the inventory

  1.  Fix ‘Remove’ button in ‘Enquiry’ tab

Before an Enquiry entry is deleted (Circled in red)

After an Enquiry entry is deleted using the ‘Remove’ button (Circled in red)

  1. Show a confirmation message box when users delete a product from the list


  1. Reduce input lag in search bar and implement a search button

  1. After users fill in the details and sign up for a new account, an email verification code should be sent to the keyed email address. The verification code will be a one-time password (OTP), and it should expire in around 10 minutes

  1. Fix ‘Forgot Password’ feature

  1. Enable email sign-in 

  • Users can sign in with email in addition to only signing in with username


Written by Louis & Kerrin

Louis is the Marketing and Communications Intern at Savour!

Kerrin is the Product Management Intern at Savour!