Introducing New Platform Features For Customers (Q3 2022)

At Savour! We are constantly improving the experience for both merchants and users to ensure the best user experience on our website as a one-stop cloud-based B2B e-procurement and sponsorship web and app platform connecting companies, non-profit organizations, and school clubs to merchants.

Therefore, we are proud to inform you that our team has released several new features in quarter 3 of 2022, for our Savour! B2B and B2C Customers, to help elevate your browsing and shopping experience here, on Savour!’s platform becomes more convenient and bring you savings. 


  1. Fix ‘Restore’ button in ‘Orders’ tab

  1. On the client account, when users click on a product’s image or name in a list, they should be directed to the product listing page

  1. Fix ‘Clear’ button for filters to include clearing ‘Logistics’ filter

  1. Add a ‘Restore’ button at the top right to restore selected items

  1. Implementation of Sort feature

– Types of Sort:

Price: Low to High, High to Low

Expiration Date: Expiring soon first, Not expiring soon first

Recency: New to Old, Old to New

– Sequence (from left to right):

Recency, Expiration Date, Price

  1. Increase the number of rows of products that is shown on the page

  1. Restore method to remove a supplier from ‘Favourites’ tab

  1. Change the error message on Snackbar to successful (green) and ‘Supplier added to Favourites’

  1. Display ‘No items were found’ when there are no results for a search

  1. Remove banner on results page when search or filters are applied

  1. Fix issue of when supplier name is clicked, user arrives at bottom of supplier page

  1. Fix ‘Recency’ Sort

  • ‘New to Old’ and ‘Old to New’ yields no difference in results. Page also does not shift to the top in response to the sort as compared to other sort options like expiry date and price.

  1. Ensure that filter selections are maintained when users go back to the previous page. Filter tag categories should also be kept open

  1. Reduce loading time of filtered results

  1. Roughly 2x faster now

  2. It should generally not take more than 8 seconds (previously 21 seconds).

  1. Fix interface of ‘Orders’ tab in the client account

  1. Fix ‘Remove’ button in ‘Enquiry’ tab

Before an Enquiry entry is deleted 

After an Enquiry entry is deleted using the ‘Remove’ button

  1. Show a confirmation message box when users delete a product from the list

  1. Reduce input lag in search bar and implement a search button

  1. After users fill in the details and sign up for a new account, an email verification code should be sent to the keyed email address. The verification code will be a one-time password (OTP), and it should expire in around 10 minutes

  1. Fix ‘Forgot Password’ feature

  1. Enable email sign-in 

  • Users can sign in with email in addition to only signing in with username


Written by Louis & Kerrin

Louis is the Marketing and Communications Intern at Savour!

Kerrin is the Product Management Intern at Savour!