Munch Box Success Story: Donutisbomb

Donutisbomb had received a Japanese Munch Box from Savour!, and she has expressed her gratitude to Savour! for the delicious snacks and fun crossword puzzle. 

Testimonial given by Donutisbomb:

“Hi Savour thank you so much for the munch box! I love that there is a mix of sweet and salty snacks and my favourite one would definitely be the premium Yan Yan with the mixed berries and cheese cream 🤤 the box was also very nicely packaged and it was fun to try out the crossword puzzle in the booklet 🤩Thanks again!”

Seeing the happiness we can bring to our customers is something that drives Savour! to continue bringing little packets of happiness into our customer’s lives. We offer a range of munch box themes from Japanese, Healthy, Western, and Local, so pick which you like!


If you are interested to buy a Savour! munch box, you can do so in this website link ( or drop us an email at and we will liaise with you accordingly. 


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