Our Merchant Stories: Interview With The Eco Statement | Selling And Educating Sustainability For Conservation

With the mission to work towards the conservation of our environment, The Eco Statement is passionate about creating awareness through talks, workshops, events as well as curating sustainable products aimed towards conservation efforts.

In this blogpost, we have Sangeeta, owner of The Eco Statement to share with us more about her brand. With a noble dream for the world to progress in terms of environmental sustainability, Sangeeta tirelessly works to question herself and everyone around her on different products and initiatives she can push out to reduce behaviours that leave footprints on the environment.

1)Can you share what is The Eco Statement and your brand philosophy?
At The Eco Statement, our products are curated based on the UN sustainable goals; that is the philosophy that we follow. This is what we use to measure our social and environmental impact!

2)What are some of your products on Savour!’s platform that you would like to recommend to our B2B customers?
Products and services that we offer to B2B customers includes a complete partyware product line which is something that the corporates can consider when they are having any events.

Instead of plastic cutlery, we use green cutlery ware, which is made from dried leaves. Something else customers can consider is our homeware collection, which is made from old newspapers. One of our best selling products are the coasters and placemats, which can be used as gifts for friends and corporate clients.

3)What can the world do with a little more/little less with regards to food wastage and environmental sustainability?
Right now we live in a world of mindless consumerism, and all of us don’t think much about what we are buying. First thing when you are going to buy, you should think about whether this is something you need, or is it a want?

If it is a need and you really want to buy it, you need to think through the process of buying. How is it helping the society and environment around you? How does this product impact the people around you?

Thus, that is something that everyone needs to think a bit more. As if all of us collectively think like that, we still have some hope for the planet and the environment.

4)Why did you choose to come onboard Savour! as a merchant?
Savour! rang a bell with me, because I first heard about the team behind Savour!. We had participated together in the OCBC Green Pitch 2019, and I had met Savour!’s co-founders there. We connected with them, and their philosophies.

Savour! is a B2B platform, and that is what we are looking at for our product lines. As our product lines are for a B2B platform and how can we then reach to the B2B customers. Savour! has the same kind of goals as us.

I also like the sponsorship and purchase kind of differentiation that Savour! has made that I have not seen on any other platform. These are all the reasons why I decided to come onto Savour!.

We have come to the end of the interview! Thank you to The Eco Statement for sharing with us and let’s work towards our collective goal of making a positive impact on the environment.

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