Catch Savour!'s Final 2 E-commerce Livestream 5 and 6 on 27 April and 1 May this week!

We will be having our last two e-commerce livestreams this week, featuring brand new merchants, products and deals just for you! 

Our 5th Livestream will be happening this coming Tuesday (27th April 2021), from 8.30pm to 9.30pm, as we review products from our merchants: Java Eco Project with several upcycled products and Bhavani Foods (Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms) with poppadoms of many different flavours!

Our 6th Livestream will be happening this coming Saturday (1st May 2021), from 2.30pm to 4pm, where we will be reviewing products from our merchants: Bizsu, Theo10, W Market and Sttoke.

Bizu offers a range of eco-friendly and sustainable products, Theo10 provides skincare and healthcare products made with 100% natural ingredients, W Market curates items from different genres and styles to suit any occasion and Sttoke will be selling World's First Shatterproof Ceramic Reusable Cup.

It will be on Facebook Live and Instagram Live on Savour!’s Facebook and Instagram account ( respectively.

Stay tuned for exciting discounts revealed, surprise giveaways and a fun time with the Savour! Team during the livestream. We hope you are as excited as we are, see you then!

In case you are unsure of how to participate in our livestream,

Scroll down below for a recap on how our e-commerce live streams work!

See you there on this Tuesday and Saturday!

Written by Jessie Chia

Jessie Chia is a Marketing Manager at Savour!