Why Intern With Us? Hear From Kexin Wang, Our Intern Turned Finance & Operations Executive

The team at Savour! welcomed 5 talented and driven summer interns made up of university students who applied via the Skilio Internship Programme. We are appreciative of our wonderful interns for contributing valuably in many various aspects leading up to our official launch.

YIn this blogpost, we will be having Kexin Wang share with us her summer internship experience with Savour! as well as why you should apply for an internship with Savour!. Kexin is one of our partner and content operations interns who recently converted to become a finance and operations executive at Savour!. Kexin is a SMU student who is pursuing business management and majoring in finance.

Kexin was in charge of organising Savour!’s platform launch event and she contributed in many areas such as finance, merchant operations, marketing and business development. Kexin has demonstrated that she is a very enthusiastic, responsible and dependable individual who is committed to doing her best in any work given to her.

  1. Back then, what was your motivation for interning in a startup and why was Savour! your choice of internship?
    Personally I think startups give exposure to more areas and in my case, I have tried some business development, marketing, finance as well as event planning during my internship. As for Savour, I think there’s potential in the B2B procurement platform. Meanwhile, founded by university students, the team members in Savour! are very friendly and supportive.
  2. What was your expectation out of this internship? What were your key takeaways from this internship?
    I would say partner operation initially as suggested by the title of the position. However, I told the team during the interview that I hope to gain some finance knowledge if it’s possible. I really appreciate the fact that they take into consideration my interest and plan my work accordingly.
    Friendship definitely on top of all the work exposure. I became friends with the Savour! team and we go out for lunch and dinner sometimes.If you are looking for a friendly working environment and have something in mind that you want to try, do not hesitate to be part of Savour! where you can work with a group of passionate people.
  3. What are your plans in Savour! moving forward? Any advice you will give to interested applicants?
    Moving forward, I do hope to help Savour! become better and better and bring in my ideas and thoughts into implementation.
    If you want to explore your interest, join Savour!.
    If you want to experience startup culture, join Savour!.
    If you want to work with fun people, join Savour!.

Thank you Kexin for your valuable contributions and sharing your experience with potential applicants!

GOOD NEWS! Savour! is now recruiting interns!

Interested to contribute significantly to the growth of a youth-led tech social enterprise? Want to be a part of a group of young passionate driven changemakers to create a meaningful lasting environmental and social impact? Keen to gain experience in the social entrepreneurship and B2B e-commerce industry?

If that sounds like you, we would love for you to apply to join our Savour! team as we are now hiring interns to grow Savour! together with us. It will be on a part time basis, with a minimum of 2 to 3 months commitment.

View the 3 posters below for more details on the 3 key internship roles that we are offering, which ranges from business development and operations, marketing and communications, to software engineering!

Submit your internship application to us by 11 September 2020 2359 below: www.savourapp.co/careers/