Our CNY Fundraiser Has Ended and Here’s What’s Next

Savour! Is proud to announce that we have successfully raised an amount of $3616 through our Chinese New Year Charity fundraiser campaign which just recently ended on Give.asia. 

We have received generous contributions from 42 donors at the end of our fundraiser at Give.Asia, which you can check out in the link below!


Here are a few kind words by some of our donors who supported our cause!

This amount raised will be further used to benefit non-profit organizations, Brighton Connection and Bethel Community. Our next steps going forward to help our charity partners and their beneficiaries will be:

For Brighton Connection : Our 60 beneficiaries (45 students from Brighton Connection Student Care Centre and 15 Seniors from our Seniors’ Empowerment Programme) will be able to collect a set of pre-packed Yusheng with razor clams for them to bring home and have them toss a Lo Hei as a family.

For Bethel Community Services : We aim to encourage family reunion by providing each of our 25 beneficiary families with CNY goodies and grocery vouchers to purchase additional food items for their CNY meals.

Thank you to everyone who donated for the cause and helped Savour! make Chinese New Year a bit more special for our beneficiaries, we appreciate all of your support!

Savour! sincerely hopes to make this year's Chinese New Year a bit more special for our charity partners Brighton connection and Bethel Community Services and their beneficiaries, with this initiative.

You can keep a lookout for videos and photos from our initiative, which will be coming out soon on our social media pages on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Telegram.

Written by Madhupriya Rao

Madhupriya Rao is a Communications and Marketing Intern at Savour!