Editor’s Monthly Picks | May 2022

Welcome to Savour!’s Editor’s Monthly Picks! Savour! is excited to share our top 10 product recommendations. We got you covered with a range of products from tea, coffee to snacks. 

The top 10 product recommendations are:

1. Carmencita Earl Grey Tea

2. Brown Sugar Ginger Tea with Red Tea

3. Sencha Tea Bags

4. Cold Brew Coffee - Mocha & Trio

5. BURTS Sea Salt Potato Chips 150G

6. GUINNESS Original Potato Chips 150G

7. Aunt Mabel's Red Velvet Muffin

8. Lovely Vegetable Chips (Teriyaki BBQ)

9. Taiwan Food People Dried Fruit Lemon Slices 50g

10. Dan's Bites Brownie Crisp (Dark Chocolate)

If you are interested in purchasing our products, you can either do so in this website link (https://app.savourapp.co) or drop us an email at team@savourapp.co and we will liaise with you accordingly. Happy shopping!