2 Easy 15-Minute Recipes To Cook Black Pepper And White Rendang Veggie Mutton

Savour! x Amoy Canning

Thinking about making a delicious spread for your family dinner? You don’t have to head to the market early in the morning, source for spices and spend time grinding them to make the perfect paste for the sedap Rendang or savoury black pepper dish. You can now save significant time to cook a delicious dish in 15 minutes with ready made pastes!

Join Zatalyn, our host/in-house chef from the Savour! Team, to see how she simply cooks Black Pepper Veggie Mutton using Amocan’s Delicious Ready Made Black Pepper Paste in this Youtube video here! Or, White Rendang Veggie Mutton using Amocan’s Delicious Ready Made White Rendang Paste in this Youtube video here!

These Black Pepper and White Rendang Pastes, though close to expiry, still taste just as perfectly good! So don’t let a complicated mix of ingredients stand in the way of your potential for cooking delightful dishes. Impressive dishes can be made with simple ingredients and ready made paste from Amocan from Savour!’s web platform now.

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