CSR Initiative to Distribute CNY Cookies to 1,500 Migrants on 7 and 14 Feb 21 (Western Union x Savour!)

We are delighted to announce that Savour! is partnering with Western Union again to make this year's Chinese New Year celebrations more special for our migrant friends in Singapore. Wish to know how we are doing so?  Here’s what we have in store! 

Savour! is collaborating with Bakers Beyond to produce a baking show tutorial video and bake 1,500 CNY cookies for distribution to the migrant workers. Bakers Beyond is a community project started by Beyond Social Services, where low-income mothers come together to learn new baking skills and earn extra income. This would enable migrant workers to follow the tutorial video to learn how to bake these cookies. 

These free CNY goodies will be nicely packed and delivered to 1,500 migrant workers on the 7th and 14th of February, with the combined efforts of our Savour! team members. We enlisted the help of 4 non- profit organizations to distribute these cookies with us at worker dormitories and CNY celebration events. As they have been dedicatedly working towards taking care of migrant workers.

Migrant Workers’ Centre - Their focus is on improving the wellbeing of the migrants of Singapore and also ensure fair employment practices for them.

Singapore Migrant Friends - It is a close knit family consisting of migrant workers from Myanmar, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Philippines. Here, everyone shares, cares and stands by one another.

Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO) - It is an initiative of the Hope Initiative Alliance who aim to not just provide care but also provide it in a sustainable manner, to all guest migrant workers in Singapore.

Crisis Relief Alliance - Plays a pivotal role in mitigating the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak in migrant worker dormitories, distributing food and supplies, medical support, and even facilitating communication between dormitory operators and migrant workers.

Savour! sincerely hopes to add extra smiles to the faces of the low-income mothers at Bakers Beyond and our migrant friends via non-profit organizations this Chinese New Year via this initiative. 

You can keep a lookout for our baking tutorial video, overall campaign video, photos from the initiative and many more, which will be coming out soon on our social media pages on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Telegram.

Written by Madhupriya Rao

Madhupriya Rao is a Communications and Marketing Intern at Savour!