7 Creative Ways To Wrap Your Gift Sustainably

Every Christmas, there is a lot of paper wastage due to gift-wrapping. While gift wrappers look aesthetically pleasing, they are mostly disposed of, after the receiver unwraps their gift. It is also difficult to reuse gift wrappers for other purposes because they are most of the time badly torn. In addition to that, the cellophane tape used for sticking also contributes to plastic waste.

According to the Singapore Environmental Council (SEC), the amount of waste that Singapore produces has increased sevenfold in the last ten yearsDuring festive seasons, the chances of people producing waste are even higher as Singaporeans have a mentality of ‘over preparing’ for the joyous occasion. Thus, festive waste includes both food and packaging! In big countries such as the UK, 227,000 miles of wrapping paper are thrown away yearly. This is even larger than the circumference of the earth!

So how are we supposed to package our presents without wrapping paper? Here are some examples which we have chanced upon from @earthtodorcas’ Instagram page. @earthtodorcas is an Instagram account run by Dorcas, who advocates for social and climate justice through art. She educates and captivates her audiences with colourful graphics and rich information. We will be expanding on her tips on how you can be a sustainable gift-wrapper this season.

1. Scarves or tea towels

This is a rather unique yet special way to wrapsomeone’s present. By using these, you are technically giving your friend anextra gift as the scarf or tea towel can be used for what they were meant for.

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2. Reusing old gift bags, ribbons and packaging
This is really simple yet presentable. Remember all those paper bags you got from the festive shopping? Simply store them in the store and re-use them when you have a gift prepared for your loved ones! Some plastic packaging which is resealable can also be reused if kept in good condition. While ribbons are rarer, you could try keeping ribbons from old presents you have received instead of throwing them away immediately.

3. Using newspaper
Before you sell your newspaper away to the garang guni (Rag-And-Bone Man), why not use some of them to wrap your presents. Not only does newspapers give a rustic feel to the gift that you are giving away, you are also doing your part for the environment by reusing and repurposing newspapers! While you’re at it, remember to use glue instead of plastic cellophane tape!

4. Using unused textiles or old clothes
Outgrown your clothes, or do they no longer spark joy? Why not transform your old clothes or unused textiles into a unique ‘outerwear’ for your present? Decluttering has never been easier!

5. Tote bags
Being fashionable and also practical, tote bags can be utilised in many ways such as marketing, shopping and so much more. Furthermore, we probably have some of these lying around at home already, so they are practically free to use! You could clear the clutter and also do your part for the environment by using tote bags in place of wrapping paper.

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6. Compostable mailers
If you are mailing your presents to your family or friends, you could try these out! Unlike plastic wrappings or conventional mailers, these mailers can break down in the soil while being completely toxic-free. They function as regular mailers (waterproof, durable, writable, etc.) but are made completely from PBAT and PLA. Check out noissue if you are interested in getting some of these!

7. Go package free
Cost-competitive yet eco-friendly. This method prevents any unwanted waste from being generated, and your family and friends won’t die of suspense knowing what gift is inside!

There you have it! Some simple yet effective ways in which you can have a sustainable Christmas (at least for gift-wrapping). It is not difficult to do your part for the environment this festive season!

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Written by Alicia Lim

Alicia Lim is a Marketing and Communications Intern at Savour!