Corporate Direct Success Story: NTU Hall 1 x SSS

It’s the start of a new academic year and Savour! has gotten yet another corporate direct customer success story where Savour! supported NTU Hall of Residence 1’s Orientation Welfare Pack Distribution by offering our custom procurement sourcing services.


After NTU Hall 1 have shared their event details that they are looking to hold with Savour!, the team from Savour! procured the most relevant and affordable products for the committee that meets their needs and wants exactly within their tight timelines. 


There were a total of 480 products distributed to students of NTU Hall 1. Many students mentioned that they are very satisfied and thankful for the gifts that have been provided by the NTU Hall 1 committee.


The committee in NTU Hall 1 expressed their gratitude to the Savour! and its merchants for settling their corporate direct order, which made this orientation a fruitful one! 


Testimonial given by NTU Hall 1 Committee Team:
“Savour! has been really quick and prompt in their response. Whenever our hall needs anything, they do their best to accommodate us, like when we needed the vegetable flavour for the HDL hotpot instead of beef, they managed to help us change our order. They also have a wide variety of brands for us to choose from for our welfare packs! Will definitely choose Savour! again for our next event! 😄


Savour! sincerely hopes to be able to help more school clubs to have a better experience in procuring items for events, programs, and operations. 


If you are interested to use Savour!’s Corporate Direct Service, you can either fill up and submit the form here to indicate your interest ( or drop us an email at and we will liaise with you accordingly. 


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Written by Jessie Chia


Jessie Chia is the Marketing Director at Savour!