Baking Show Highlights with Bakers Beyond

As you all know, Savour! had partnered once again with Western Union to work with Bakers Beyond to produce a baking show tutorial video and bake 1,500 Chinese New Year cookies for distribution to the migrant workers. 

Bakers Beyond is a community project started by Beyond Social Services, where low-income mothers come together to learn new baking skills and earn extra income. This would enable migrant workers to follow the tutorial video to learn how to bake these cookies. 

To watch the baking tutorial video, head over to the Youtube link below now: 

Savour!’s co-founder, Katrina Lee, kick-started the show by conducting an introductory interview segment with Stella Jayanthi, Community Worker, Youth United, Beyond Social Services. Stella spoke about how Bakers Beyond is a safe training space for all women.

She further shared the story of the lead baker who has been at Bakers Beyond for over 5 years and was to walk us through the entire baking tutorial. The lead baker at Bakers Beyond was not originally a Baker, rather she had left an abusive household and joined at Bakers Beyond to earn extra income in order to make a living.  She is an example of how absolutely anyone can learn to bake.

Post-interview, the baking show started with the lead baker explaining to the viewers the basic steps involved in the baking process.

All the ingredients displayed on the table were mixed and used in appropriate proportions to make the cookie batter. Cookies took time to preheat and hence premade cookies were used.

The cookie dough was moulded into adorable shapes to match the vibe of Chinese New Year. Finally, the cookies were ready to relish.

These cookies were then beautifully packed and delivered to our migrant friends by the Savour! Team, making the entire initiative a success.

Savour! sincerely thanks Bakers Beyond and Western Union for being a part of this initiative and helping us in bringing smiles on the faces of our migrant friends.

We would also like to thank Pastry Mart for supplying us with quality baking ingredients and supplies for the baking tutorial show and cookie order

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Written by Madhupriya Rao

Madhupriya Rao is a Communications and Marketing Intern at Savour!