Ultimate Grocery Series- Fruits & Vegetables you should buy this Phase-2

With the sudden implementation of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) on 16 May 2021, you might be busy scrambling to buy sufficient variety of groceries to whip up your 3 meals as you’ll be working and studying from home. 

However, are you facing long queues at physical supermarkets and your favourite products being snatched up by hoarders? Are you also struggling to secure a delivery slot at online grocery marts due to high demand? 

We at Savour! understand your pains this period. Thus, we have curated a new 5-Part Grocery series of Ultimate Lists ranging from cooking essentials, drinks, fruits and veggies, meat & alternate proteins, to snacks, desserts, and pastries for you to use to shop on Savour!’s Web Platform during the period of 16 May 2021 to 13 June 2021.

We even have a special exclusive promo code just for you, apply “PHASE2” when you check out on our web platform to get $5* off your order. 

*Only valid from 16 May 2021 to 13 June 2021. Minimum spend of $30. Limited to first 100 redemptions. 

Once your order has been completed, you will also receive a free $5 e-voucher to use on your next purchase on Savour!’s web platform.

To find a featured merchant on our web platform, simply search with the merchant titles below (i.e. Amoy Canning Corpn (S) Ltd). To find a featured product on our web platform, simply search with the product titles below (i.e. POPSMILE Dark Chocolate Popcorn). To view the product prices, head over to our web platform. For the redemption methods, self-collection and delivery is available. For payment methods, we accept PayNow, bank transfer and credit/debit card. 


  1. Rame Grazing

Shop a wide range of food products such as tropical fruit and vegetable platters at 15% off. Perfect to deliver to your home for your whole family to eat if you are tired of cooking meals at home. 

Keyword to Search- “Rame Grazing”

Left to Right: Rame Choice, Tropical Platter

  1. Ligo Brand

      Shop a wide range of food products such as raisins. Perfect as a mid-day treat for you to get little energy       boosts throughout your work day.

      Keyword to Search- “Ligo”

Left to Right: Pitted Prunes, Seedless Raisins

  1. S&W Premium Canned Fruits

Buy these canned fruits to enjoy with a custard or ice cream. They also offer a variety of other fruits like Dark Sweet Pitted Cherries and Mandarin Oranges.

Keyword to Search: “Yong”

Left to Right: Pineapple Slices, Peach Halves, Fruit Cocktail

  1. S&W Premium Canned Vegetables

Buy these S&W Cut Vegetables and Stuffed Manzanilla Olives at 4% off. The olives are prepared from the carefully selected Manzanilla variety, which is pitted and stuffed with minced pimiento. Add it to your favourite martini, pizza or salad dish for an added burst of flavour.

Keyword to Search: “Yong”

Left to Right: Cut Green Beans, Sauerkraut, Manzanilla Stuffed Olives

  1. La Molisana Canned Tomatoes

Buy these canned/bottled tomatoes peeled or pureed ready to use instantly. These tomatoes are 100% Italian: ripe, juicy, peeled and left whole in their sauce. They have a sweet and natural flavor for fresh and tasty dishes.

Keyword to Search- “Molisana”

Left to Right: Whole Peeled Tomatoes, Tomato Puree, Cherry Tomatoes


Written by Subhi Poddar

Subhi Poddar is a Marketing Communications Intern at Savour!