Ultimate Grocery Series- Drinks you should buy this Phase-2

With the sudden implementation of Phase 2 Heightened Alert (P2HA) on 16 May 2021, you might be busy scrambling to buy a sufficient variety of groceries to whip up your 3 meals as you’ll be working and studying from home. 

However, are you facing long queues at physical supermarkets and your favourite products being snatched up by hoarders? Are you also struggling to secure a delivery slot at online grocery marts due to high demand? 

We at Savour! understand your pains this period. Thus, we have curated a new 5-Part Grocery series of Ultimate Lists ranging from cooking essentials, drinks, fruits and veggies, meat & alternate proteins, to snacks, desserts, and pastries for you to use to shop on Savour!’s Web Platform during the period of 16 May 2021 to 13 June 2021.

We even have a special exclusive promo code just for you, apply “PHASE2” when you check out on our web platform to get $5* off your order. 

*Only valid from 16 May 2021 to 13 June 2021. Minimum spend of $30. Limited to first 100 redemptions. 

Once your order has been completed, you will also receive a free $5 e-voucher to use on your next purchase on Savour!’s web platform.

To find a featured merchant on our web platform, simply search with the merchant titles below (i.e. Amoy Canning Corpn (S) Ltd). To find a featured product on our web platform, simply search with the product titles below (i.e. POPSMILE Dark Chocolate Popcorn). 

To view the product prices, head over to our web platform. For the redemption methods, self-collection and delivery is available. For payment methods, we accept PayNow, bank transfer and credit/debit card. 


  1. Carmencita Tea

Shop a wide range of teas from Carmencita at 3% off. They offer flavours like Chamomile Tea, Ginger Honey Tea  and Linden Flower Tea which are perfect to enjoy at any time of the day.

Keyword to search on store- “Carmencita”

Left to Right: Red Fruits Herbal Tea, Ceylon Black Tea, Earl Grey Tea

  1. CaffeeBox DIY Coffee Brew Kit

Shop a wide range of beverages such as DIY coffee brew kits at 40% off. Perfect to deliver to your home for your whole family to drink home brewed fresh coffee to start your day together. 

Keyword to search on store- “CaffeeBox”

  1. Gong Cha

Like your coffee and LOVE your tea? Choose from the vast array of drinks from Gong Cha! Oolong tea, Hot teas, Cold brews, Bubble teas, Lattes, you name it, they have it.

Keyword to search on store- ”vteatrading”

Left to right: Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Tea With Pearl, Milk Foam Black Tea, Strawberry Taro Latte

  1. Foreword Coffee Roasters

Their coffee is sourced sustainably from Asian producers and freshly roasted locally. They also offer freshly roasted coffee beans. Reach out for more details.

Keyword to search on store- “Foreword”

  1. Healthy Choice Juices from iFoods (The Good News Cafe)

Not a fan of tea or coffee? They’ve got you covered. Indulge with this fresh Apple Juice from the Good News Cafe that comes with a disposable container. They also offer other flavours like Lime Juice, Pink Guava Juice, Orange Juice and many more.

Keyword to search on store- “iFood”

Left to Right: Apple Juice, Fruit Punch, Pineapple Juice

  1. Teh Tarik

Buy your favourite Teh Tarik from Tres Tarek in an easy-to-carry-bag. This product also comes with 25 cups, perfect for an evening with your family. To add on a sweet perk to it, it is now 17% off. So bottoms up and shop now.

Keyword to search on store- “Tarek”

  1. Teas from Okada Sweet

Shop a wide range of Japanese beverages such as hojicha tea. Perfect for you to drink to digest your lunch well, working at home. They also offer tea made from Okinawa Ginger and Brown Sugar and it is suitable for all ages. May help to improve your immune system, recover from fatigue while keeping your body warm.

Keyword to search on store- “Okada”

Left to Right: Brown Sugar Ginger tea, Brown Sugar Ginger with Red Tea, Sencha Tea, Houji Cha

  1. Pore Coffee

Shop their Cold Brew Coffee with full cream dairy to create an incredibly smooth texture with undertones of dark chocolate and cacao nibs. Perfect to perk you up right before you start work at home.

Keyword to search on store- “Pore Coffee”

  1. Mineral Water from The Good News Cafe

Looking to quench your thirst in the office while minimising social contact? Order in water for you and your colleagues to drink at work now.

Keyword to search on store- “iFood”


Written by Subhi Poddar

Subhi Poddar is a Marketing Communications Intern at Savour!