New April group buy listing

For the month of April we have two items for you at a discount of 40% it is just what you need to keep April going. So read further to know more on what we have to offer. 



Hot & spicy snack

A good spicy challenge strikes a balance between flavour and fear.


Now we have some delicious snacks for you in the month of April from Sansesan, at an amazing discount of 40% we have for you Weilong Fengchi Kelp (Hot & spicy) @ $9 a bag, discounted from $15. Enjoy a mix between flavour & fear


Sweet Gummy candy

There's nothing as cosy as a piece of candy and a book.


If you are in the mood for something sweet to keep you company we have Uha Sakeru Gummy Halloween (39g) at a discount of 40% making it $12/box discounted from $20/box. 


Well now that you know our group buy promotion, what are you waiting for, get to ordering from us by commenting on our Facebook / Instagram page or leave us a direct message on Instagram / Facebook DM to express interest so as to receive our group buy order form. Now let us get to bringingthat order to you!