Savour! 2nd Anniversary Appreciation Message

Savour!’s Platform turns 2 this 15 August 2022! We would like to take this opportunity to share our appreciation with all the stakeholders who have been supporting Savour! since the beginning, and contributing to the efforts to help Savour! thrive as we step into our third year. 

First and foremost, from the bottom of our hearts, we would like to share our genuine appreciation with our valuable stakeholders, including merchants, clients, and customers. Without you, Savour! would not be where we are today. Your incredible support throughout this year has contributed greatly to this milestone. It is our source of motivation to look forward to a new year with many more interesting projects and initiatives. 

To our excellent Savour! Team, including our full-time staff, and outgoing and incoming interns, your hard work and dedication have paid off. We are proud of Savour!’s growth today as your efforts have culminated in us celebrating our second birthday, as well as other new interns who will be joining Savour! this coming time, we hope you will have a wonderful time here learning, growing, and connecting. So, we want to make sure you know how much appreciation, value, and thankful we have for each of the members of the team via this anniversary message. Have a wonderful 2nd celebration today, and tomorrow, we will be together again, helping Savour! reach its highest growth.

As the result, Savour! knows that a simple thanksgiving letter like this can not show enough of our treasure to all the customers and employees and all the mentors, investors, partners, merchants, community, followers, and everyone who supported us in this journey. Therefore, we want to end this message with a promise to use your support and hardworking as an energy kick to never stop improving our services to Savour! customers and employees, keep empowering our mission and value which is: “To create innovative impact-driven solutions that tackle real needs on a large scale to develop a system of transparency and trust to best connect organizations and match supply and demand through a team of change-makers”

Happy Savour! 2nd Anniversary and many more to come!

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Written by Louis

Louis is the Communications and Marketing Intern at Savour!