10 Creative Ways to Use Fruits that's going Bad

How often do you forget fruits that are lying in the back of your fridge? Everybody does. You’re not alone. It hurts to throw off those once fresh and juicy, beautiful pieces of fruit, doesn’t it?

Well guess what, you DO NOT have to throw those away anymore. All you need is a little knowledge about what is edible and what is not, and you will be set to use those fruits to make yourself an amazing snack or meal.

You’ll be surprised to know how flexible these fruits can be.


  1. Infused Water- This is the easiest way to use fruit that’s going bad. Just cut up any fruit and put it into your bottle of water. There’s no limitation on what fruit you can use. Go wild and make whatever combination you can think of!

  1. Nuke ‘Em-Hot fruit tastes like the inside of a pie. The fastest and healthiest way to enjoy the feeling of a pie is to microwave your fruit with a dash of cinnamon. And VOILA! 5 minutes later, you can enjoy your fruit that was going bad with vanilla ice cream. The best fruit to try this with would be an apple, just core it, sprinkle some cinnamon and a splash of water and microwave. 

  1. Make Pancakes- Make your breakfast healthy and useful with this little flapjack trick. Add berries to your regular pancake batter and skip the sugar. You could also try this other hack. One ripe banana and one large egg, whisked together make for the quickest pancake batter ever. It's surprising how something so tasty can be healthy too. 

  1. Bake Bread- Who doesn’t love a nice warm banana bread? No one. A good banana bread is best made with overripe bananas, but did you know that the same thing can be done with other overripe fruits like mangoes, peaches and other fruits?? What’s more, you can blend all your fruits together and replace it in your regular banana bread recipe and bake as usual.

  1. Cube It - You can use your spoiling or overripe fruit to make ice pops or fruit ice cubes. This is super easy to do. All you gotta do is take chopped or pureed fruit and put it in your ice tray with some water and freeze.

  1. Smoothie It - You could make a smoothie bowl with any kind of fruit like mango, lychee, strawberry, blueberry, banana and many more. All you have to do is blend frozen fruit with some milk and honey. You could top it with some freshly cut fruits and chia seeds. You could make this vegan by using soy/ coconut milk.

  1. Jam it - This is our favourite. Make jam with any fruit. Chop your overripe fruit, add some sugar and water and cook it over a low flame until it reaches the desired consistency. You can store this jam for upto a month in the fridge. Make a plum jam to go with your pork or a strawberry jam with toast and peanut butter.

  1. Nature’s Cereal - Try the healthy cereal trend. Chop some fruit. Pour coconut water and ice cubes over it. And eat as a replacement for your regular milk and cereal. You’ll feel as cool as never before. Trending and healthy.

  1. Snack it - This one will be popular among kids. You could slice your overripe fruit, top it with some sugar and bake in the over for some time to make candied fruits. You could also puree the fruit, line it in an oven tray, spread it out and dry it to make it into a fruit roll-up.

  1. Stir up a cocktail - Last, but not least. Use your overripe fruits to jazz up your cocktails. Blend it and strain it to give your cocktail a fruity punch, or freeze fruits in ice cubes and add them to your cocktails to add a pop of colour and touch of sweetness.

Hope you will try these hacks and give it your own spin too. Remember, food wastage is an issue we all need to help solve. 

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Written by Subhi Poddar

Subhi Poddar is a Marketing Communications Intern at Savour!